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The family would very much like to welcome and introduce to you one of our newest endorsed sports handicapping services, CT Sports Picks. CT Sports Picks is owned and operated by Craig Trapp who is a longtime and very experienced veteran sports handicapper. Craig has been handicapping professional and college sports for over 10 years. Below you will find daily free sports picks from him along with other information about his service including his latest rates for his premium releases and other info. about his service. The CT Sports Picks web site also features premium releases from other professional sports handicappers that Craig backs. You can see how his free picks stack up against our other endorsed handicappers by checking out our free picks monitor where we rank and monitor our recommended handicappers free plays. Thanks for visiting & we wish you the best of luck.

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Craig has been producing consistent winners for over 10 years now. In 1999 Craig started his service as a small phone business with only a limited # of clients. Year after year the winning continued and before you knew it Craig was rolling with winners at a 60% clip. Due to the demand Craig started his own website CT Sports Picks .com in 2008 and is fully documented and recorded for every play.

In 2009 Craig co founded his own weekly sports handicapping radio show Picks And Parlays where he co hosts the fastest growing sports betting related radio show. The demand was such that in late 2009 he had to start a separate website Picks and Parlays .com to host the weekly radio show.

If you are tired of losing make sure you get on board with Craig and witness the profits. Don't pay ridiculous prices hoping for unrealistic profits instead join Craig and realize the steady profits of a real Professional.




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