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Handicapper Chad Chase of "Free Pick Nation" welcomes professional sports handicapper, Chad Chase to our endorsed list of expert sports handicappers. On this page, you can find free picks from Chad Chase & You can also find daily promos from Free Pick Nation as well as information about their service. Be sure to check out our free sports picks monitor for Chad's monthly records as well as additional free sports picks from other top sports handicappers each and everyday. We wish you the very best of luck and thank you for visiting Cappersinfo Sports Handicapping!

Free Pick Nation CEO, Chad Chase

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More About Chad Chase & "Free Pick Nation": is an industry leading, free, direct access sports information firm. We deliver documented, consecutive and winning results in all facets of professional sports ranging from, but not limited to, the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and CFB. Our firm’s approach to business is guided by honesty… integrity… and most of all… CONSECUTIVE WINNERS! By affiliating yourself with our firm, you will see what WINNING is all about!

Who is Chad Chase, the CEO of

Chad Chase is an independent and wealthy businessman who has made his fortune by becoming an expert in the sports information arena. He is a unique individual who radiates confidence in his selections and games. Chad comes from a long line of sports executives stemming from his father who ran the worlds largest sports consortium known to date, and his two uncles who were well known Vegas line makers for over 35 years. Beginning at the young age of 16 years old, Chad has been traveling the world with his father, making connections across the globe that has gained him incomparable success. Since Chad came into this world 35 years ago, he began the growing process for success in sports. After many years of learning the sports industry, Chad has created his own process of sports ratios that has given him success in the last 10 years of over 83 percent! Currently, Chad has come to terms with his success and wants to share his process and secrets with the general public. Chad sets his standards high to provide the best possible information and service for his clients, and continues to do right by them. Chad's motivation and focus remains on one thing...WINNING!




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