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NFL Point Spreads and how they work when betting football

NFL Point Spreads

Wagering on the NFL revolves around the point spread in which one team is designated the favorite and the other team is called the underdog. The point spread sets a specific number of points that the favorite must win by in order for a person betting that particular team to win their wager. Lets use an example from and NFL Football game to explain the details of NFL point spreads. This Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens were 5 point favorites in that game. So in your local newspaper, you might have seen something a spread similar to the info below.

NFL Point Spread

Pittsburgh Steelers +5
Baltimore Ravens -5

That means to someone betting on Baltimore is that in order for them to win their wager the Ravens must win by more than 5 points. For another bettor placing his money on Pittsburgh, the Steelers must either win the game or simply lose by less than five points. If the outcome of the game were to be decided by exactly five points, it what result in what is called a “push” where both bettors would neither win or lose their bet.

However, the Ravens won the game by a score of 24-14. Therefore, because the Ravens won by ten points, they covered the NFL point spread of 5 points. If you bet on the Ravens you cashed a winning a ticket but if you bet the Steelers you lost your bet.

The idea of NFL point spreads may seem elementary to the experienced sports gambler, but is necessary for anyone considering betting on the NFL so we hope were able to clearly demonstrate the art of NFL point spreads.

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