View Full Version : 3/29 mlb write-up

03-29-2012, 08:00 AM
A's/Mariners are opening the season in Japan. Terrific. Not much info to go on this early, but we'll give you pitchers' records vs this opponent last year, and how they ended the season.

38-year old Colon is pitching for his 8th major league team. In 10 starts after August 1 LY, he was 0-4, 5.36. Colon didn't pitch against Seattle last season. This is his first start for the A's.

Vargas was 3-0, 2.02 in his last four starts LY; he was 1-3, 4.13 in five starts against Oakland.

Mariners are owned by Japanese interests; that and presence of Ichiro Suzuki means that Seattle has edge in crowd support, even though the A's are the home team and bat last.