To all new members that are posting for the first time. Please read through these five basic rules and abide by them. Nonsense will not be tolerated and we do not give warnings to new members.

This is a sports handicapping forum of class and is to be treated as such. There are good guys here. We treat everyone here as if we were hanging out, sitting around the card table, and watching the game.

Note: If you own a website, handicapping service, or online business or any kind, please read rules #1 & #2 immediately.

Note: If you are here for the same reason as everyone else on this forum (and have no intention of soliciting a product or service), it's most important that you read through rules 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Rule #1 - No Selling or Promoting on The Regular Forums - Promoting sports handicapping services, non-endorsed sportbooks, other sports forums is NOT allowed in the regular forums. References to your handicapping services or other website is also not allowed in the regular forums. Selling/Promoting includes creating user-names called "XXXX Sports" or "" (not allowed). Selling also includes calling your posted picks "Free Picks" which is also not allowed (every pick that our members post are considered free) . Do not request that our members email or private message you for more free picks (if you can't post your picks on our forums, then our members don't want them). We do offer football service reports on gameday only in the service reports forum which has it's own set of rules. Discussion of services is only permitted in that forum. Discussion what service is playing what game is not permitted in the regular boards. This is not that type of forum. Our members do their own handicapping at this board. This community is for handicappers & players who are looking to do the following WITHOUT BEING PITCHED OR SCAMMED;

(A) learn more about handicapping & become better handicappers,
(B) share their picks and knowledge with others.
(C) Talk about sports & betting in a stress-free (& solicitation-free) environment
(D) Meet new good people who share their interest in sports & handicapping

Rule #1A - No Link Building or SEO Tactics - Spammers and link builders are also not welcome on this board. URL's are also not allowed to be posted in member profiles or signatures. We have an eye for all the different sneaky marketing tactics. If you are attempting to promote on this board by sneaking links into your posts, LEAVE NOW. If you run another sports forum or website and your idea is to mention your forum, website, blog, or chatroom enough times to get members to ask you about it, we will pick up on it. Again, this forum is for discussion of sports, picks, handicapping systems, betting strategies and other tactics. It is NOT for recruiting and/or promoting other betting sites.

Rule #1B URL's are not allowed to be posted in member profiles or signatures - Spammers and link builders are not welcome. We have an eye for spammers. If your intention is to freely promote another website or service on this board (which includes sneaking links into your posts or attempting to gather information about our members), then leave right now! Selling & promoting your services are not permitted on this board. If you are interested in advertising on this site, you can contact the webmaster and admin by using the contact links on this site. They will be happy to discuss the advertising options available to you.

Rule #2 - Attention: Rules for Handicapping Services (Non services may skip this rule if this doesn't apply to you) - Our " Endorsed Handicapping Services" are the only users that are permitted to post on this board. Endorsed services are permitted to post free picks with promos in the "Endorsed Handicapping Service" forum of these boards ONLY. If you wish to promote a sports service, then you must become an endorsed handicapping service which includes membership at the Free Sports Picks Monitor. Again, if you are here to promote a sports handicapping service, then you must contact us for details about becoming a "Endorsed Handicapping Service" on this site. Any handicapping service at all who attempts to promote in the regular forums outside of the "Handicapping Service" forum will be immediately banned and will not be allowed to promote here or post here again. We do not give out warnings on this rule. We do not tolerate spammers that come in here, choose not to read the rules, and think they are going to make a quick and easy dollar off of this site. Do not even try it. We'll have you banned within minutes.

Rule #3 - Respect our sponsors - If you are going to discuss sportsbooks and/or the book that you got your line at, the only books that are to be discussed are our sponsor sportsbooks. Our sponsors are listed at the top of the site and links to reviews of these books are provided. They are all solid and trustworthy books. These are the books that keep these forums alive by funding all projects and features of the site. They are respectful of what we do. Please do the same back to them. We also work closely with these sponsor books and if any Cappersinfo Player Status member has an issue or problem with one of our books, we personally assist in resolving the issue for them.

Rule #4 - Prove Your Skill By Example - Do not come in here and make claims that you are the greatest handicapper in the world and everyone should bow down to you. Nobody is going to believe that you are a better handicapper when you have posted for a few days of winners or shown a slight hint of handicapping skill. This is not that type of board. Do not be looking for people to kiss your ass because you post a few winners in your first 50-100 posts here. If that is what you are looking for, go somewhere else. Your past record at other forums, monitors, or before you started posting doesn't matter here. Do not come in here stating that you hit a certain percentage of your plays before you started posting here. At these boards, you show that you can handicap on your own by posting at least one full profitable season of picks and by showing the other members that you have class. That is how you earn respect here. You are treated here by how you treat others. If you can't act like a civilized adult (or be the bigger man when it comes to someone who irks you), this forum isn't for you.

Rule #5 - You're not the best - Going on a hot streak doesn't make you "the man" or give you the right to boss people around, patronize others, or speak as if you are superior to them. Just like real sports; act as if you have been on a hot streak before. Everyone is here to help one another. This board is not for bashing and talking trash. It's for quality sports handicapping discussion. Friendly handicapping competition is welcomed. Good solid handicapping work is noted and obliged by other members. But do not expect special treatment for a hot week or month. We all are here to help one another and enjoy the games.

Rule #6 Deal With Idiots - If you have a serious problem with another member, please private message Louie or another moderator. Do not take the entire matter into your own hands and begin posting comments which will only escalate and create further useless posts. Be patient with everyone and calmly/politely report any nonsense. Treat others how you wish to be treated. If someone is violating our forum rules & procedures, politely explain the rules to them and send a private message to one of the moderators.

This genre of interactive community can be a hassle for our admins and moderators. We often deal with a lot of garbage posters. Due to this, we will not tolerate fighting, bickering, or nonsense. This is board for adults (not 2 years olds). It's a place where our community members can have fun and discuss sports handicapping, betting, and other topics in a stress-free and intellectual environment. Please treat others as you would treat your friends and family. If this is a problem for you, you are in the wrong place and you should look for another forum. All new members are welcome and we look forward to having you as part of our community. Welcome to boards.