2017 NBA Finals Odds

NBA Finals Odds Updated - 2017.02.20

Check below for the current list off odds to win the 2017 NBA finals from one the best online sportsbooks on the web.  You’ll find the current odds to win the NBA finals in 2017 for all the NBA Basketball teams from 5 Dimes.  Make sure to save or bookmark this page and share it using the social links above/below.  Check back often in 2017 for updates.

Note: You can skip this analysis & just scroll down for the list of NBA finals.  Like the public, the oddsmakers have it as a foregone conclusion that the Cleveland Cavaliers (4 to 1) & Golden State Warriors (-155) will be facing off in a rematch of last year’s finals. What’s most shocking is the favorites current prices at the All-Star break.  The -155 price of Golden State is quite remarkable with all the robust competition in the West; including San Antonio (listed at 9 to 1).  At the halfway point of the 2017 season, all the value prices are offered in the Eastern Conference.  Part of me see some value in Cleveland Cavaliers at 4-1.  Another thing that really stands out is the high price of Cleveland compared to the rest of the teams in the east.  You can bet the second best team (record-wise) in the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics at an basement-bottom price of 36 to 1.   By the way, Boston is only two games back of Cleveland (as of the 2017 All-Star break).  With so much season left in 2017, this is definitely one of the most top-heavy NBA Finals odds list in recent memory.

2017 NBA Finals Odds at 5 Dimes Sportsbook:

NBA Team NBA Finals Odds
Golden State Warriors   -155
Cleveland Cavaliers   4 to 1
San Antonio Spurs   9 to 1
Boston Celtics   26 to 1
Houston Rockets   29 to 1
Toronto Raptors   31 to 1
Los Angeles Clippers   35 to 1
Washington Wizards   46 to 1
Utah Jazz   66 to 1
Atlanta Hawks   110 to 1
Memphis Grizzlies   110 to 1
Oklahoma City Thunder   175 to 1
Indiana Pacers   200 to 1
New Orleans Pelicans   200 to 1
Chicago Bulls   240 to 1
Denver Nuggets   500 to 1
Detroit Pistons   500 to 1
Charlotte Hornets   750 to 1
Miami Heat   750 to 1
Milwaukee Bucks   750 to 1
Portland Trail Blazers   750 to 1
New York Knicks   1000 to 1
Dallas Mavericks   1500 to 1
Minnesota Timberwolves   1500 to 1
Sacramento Kings   1500 to 1
Los Angeles Lakers   2000 to 1
Orlando Magic   2000 to 1
Philadelphia 76ers   2000 to 1
Phoenix Suns   2500 to 1
Brooklyn Nets   5000 to 1

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