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Cappersinfo Bet Revolution Sportsbook Reviews
BetRevolution 100% Bonus & Sportsbook Reviews
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Below you will find official Bet Revolution sportsbook review. Listed below, you will find a complete & detailed premium review of endorsed sportsbook, Bet Revolution. This Bet Revolution review includes full bonus & deposit details along with specifications on this industry favorite sportsbook. If you would like, please take the time to give us your feedback on this sportsbook and submit your personal reviews of BetRevolution by contacting us. Also, be sure to check out our other top sportsbook reviews of all the other CappersInfo endorsed sportsbooks. Thank You for visiting and best of luck!
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Bet Revolution Sportsbook Review
Just Bet Sportsbook
Phone Number
San Jose, Costa Rica
Revolution's Deposit Methods
Credit Card: Visa (90% Approval Rate) & MasterCard, Person2Person (WU & MG), Money Order, Bank Wire
USA Players Allowed
Minimum Deposit
$25 Minimum Deposit
Minimum Wager
$5 Minimum Bet
CappersInfo Rating
Sign Up Bonus
100% Bonus (Exclusive Offer)
Reload Bonus
20% Cash Reload Bonus
Public Rating
Yes, Java & Flash Casino
Other Top Sportsbook Perks
Great software; One of the best new online sportsbooks, always rounds bets to the nearest dollar (in the player's favor), instant Visa card deposits, very competitive lines, excellent service, Huge 100% Signup Bonus for CI Members!
Public Testimonials and Feedback of Bet Revolution

I am glad I asked you for your advice on a book. I really like this site (Bet Revolution) a whole lot more then my last book. They really seem more professional here then some of the other sportsbooks that I've tried. It's really easy to use the site and they make everything easy to understand. This is probably my favorite book right now. -Justin B. (Long Island, NY)

“So far I really like it (Bet Revolution). It's got a different set up from all the other books. The layout is very nice and clean. It like that they explain as much as they can in the FAQ's unlike some other books (that I have played with). I'm really surprised since I only heard of them (Bet Revolution) from the Cappersinfo forums” -Ryan S. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Note: If you have some feedback on Bet Revoluton, please contact us!

CappersInfo Sportsbook Review Bet Revolution Sportsbook Review

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Bet Revolution is one of our newest and top recommended books in the online sports betting industry today. Ever since this book hit the scene in 2010, we at have absolutely loved what we have seen from this brand. We truly feel this is the type of brand that we want to get behind as they have player satisfaction in mind.

This book is owned and operated by a group that got started in this industry with goal of keeping their players happy and meeting their needs. Revolution started building their brand based on a solid foundation with the everyday traditional sports bettor in mind. We really like what we heard when talking about this book with the management and partners of Bet Revolution and think this book is on their way to becoming an industry powerhouse. This isn't the big, titan type sportsbook that doesn't value your business nor are they the type of book where you have to worry about a payout. This is more of the smaller scale operation, that will not only make sure you are taken care of; whether it be with your betting, depositing, or withdrawing; but they will also make sure every dollar of your action is covered. This is the type of brand that WANTS your feedback and cares about what their customers have to say.

Along with the positive and regular communication we've had with the BetRevolution group and their dedication to listening to our player's feedback, we've personally tested this book (anonymously of course) and have absolutely loved what we have experienced. They offer top of the line software that is better then most of the books on the web. Their site and software is very user friendly and also offers a very dynamic mobile site as well (for mobile betting). It's a very professional looking site that is easy to use.

If you're a player that is looking to make a small deposit to try them out, depositing is a snap as they will process your Visa card hassle free on your first deposit. They will offer you some easy alternative deposit methods (such as person to person, wire transfer, and others) for larger initial deposits. But, once you (or any player) spends some time playing with them (showing them that you are a good customer), they will treat you well and make sure you get your deposits and payouts completed with ease as they take long term customer satisfaction very seriously.

Aside from the great service, player satisfaction, and the massive 100% bonus ( provided exclusively to players), another excellent perk thar Bet Revolution offering is; rounding in the players favor. What does this all mean? Here's exactly what we mean; All bets at Revolution are rounded to the nearest dollar in the player's favor. Therefore, if you make a bet of $27.50 to win $25 with regular -110 vig, you will only be risking $27 instead of $27.50. Another example; If you make a wager that pays $10.25, you will be paid $11 as they will always round to the dollar in your favor. It makes CENTS to play at revolution; because these CENTS add up over time. This is an outstanding perk for players that don't like to bet big and are just looking to make the games a little more interesting. Hell, this is a great perk for any player that makes two or three figure bets on average.

BetRevolution Sportsbook offers very competitive lines and lots of wager types. As for the lines comparison, we have compared their football lines on Saturday and Sunday with some of our other longtime sponsors & top books (such as JustBet, SportBet, BetOnline, Bodog, & More). What did we find, you ask? Well....first, we noticed they offer an edge on a lot of games for both favorites and underdogs. We can tell you that this is not a book just for favorite bettors or underdog players. Their lines are independent as they keep their own lines and move them based on house action (unlike other books that just copy the Vegas odds). Revolution won't restrict your action on teasers & parlays, and they will allow you to tease & parlay all sides and/or totals on all games.

They also offer around 5-6 proposition lines for every big game on Saturday and a few different props for every last NFL game each week. They plan to increase the prop line offerings down the road as well. Currently, they are not offering "if bets" and "action reverse" type wagers as their initial plan when this book started (over a year ago) was to cater to (and meet the neets of) the average bettor (while seeing what the demand was for this type of action), but they said they are discussing changes to add more exotic type wagers and different types of wagers. Remember; they are a new brand that is working to meet their player's needs. Their parlay and teaser odds are extremely competitive; better then some big books. All and all, a great option for the everyday sports bettor or average, weekend football bettor.

Bet Revolution will always take your feedback under consideration and will not ignore any comments of suggestions. As we said, this is a brand that we feel is a big "up and comer" as their team is really working hard to meet their player's needs and demands.

Feel free to sign-up (or as they say, "join the revolution") at BetRevolution Sportsbook and get your exclusive 100% signup bonus from on your first deposit (hassle free and Visa card approval within 5 minutes). Make sure to click here to register and use the promocode; CPINF100A when you join for the 100% signup bonus and all our exclusive offerings from BetRevolution. This book will take care of all players.

If you have any questions about the Bet Revolution Sportsbook brand or want to submit your rating and feedback, please click here to submit your review. We are always looking to get feedback on our sponsored brands. Make sure to include your rating (on a scale of 1 to 5 stars) so we can factor in your rating in our public rating listed on this Bet Revolution Sportsbook Review page.








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