Top 3 Sportsbooks (as of July 2013)  

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Note: This is a new post that I will be updating seasonally.

Below is a list of's top three recommended books (as of 3/6/2013).

More about this post:
This is basically my three favorite books at the present time (and will be updated); including info about what they do well (and no quite so well). Don't get me wrong, this thread is not a denouncement or knock of other books; nor does it say anything about other books. There are other books out there that are keeping players happy and are meeting the challenges this industry can offer to offshore books. However, at the time of this post, we are most pleased with the three below three the most and like how players are able to get i comfortable with their system and procedures.

This list has NOTHING to do with money, or what these books have paid this site in advertising/CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) fees. This is an honest list of the three books I enjoy playing at the most (at the time of the post). It's also the three books I would load up (at the present time) if I were a new player looking to bet^^. If you hear another webmaster or see another site that strongly disagrees with this list (and starts bashing all of these books in favor of another), they likely have other selfish intentions (that doesn't include making sure you are playing at a solid book).

^^If I were to load up as a new player or as a past player (with a fresh start) who bets around $25-$100 per game, I would make a deposit (about $500 or so each) to these three books. The reason to load at three books (and not just one) it so that I can (1) shop for lines, (2) take advantage of the perks (and bonuses), (3) utilize the free monthly payouts that the books offer (4) and also spread my money around (which, like investing, is safer then putting all your eggs in one basket)

Top 3 Sportsbooks on the Web

Book #1:
JustBet Sportsbook
(CI Rating: 5-Stars)
Book #2: 5 Dimes Sportsbook (CI Rating: 5-Stars)
Book #3: Diamond Sportsbook (CI Rating: 4-Stars)

Top 3 Book Details (Pros & Cons)

Book #1:
JustBet Sportsbook

(Ci Rating: 5-Stars)


  • Top Notch (A+) Customer Service
  • Dedicated Agent (who takes good care of CI players)
    • Service is very helpful to new players
  • Hassle free deposits and free monthly withdrawls
  • Large 100% Bonus for CI Players (Rollover Required)
  • Great Mobile Betting Site;
    • provides in-game info (percent chance each side will win).
  • Will cover fees every 30 days for all transactions.
  • Will always cover WU or MG fees (money transfer)
    • ‚ÄčWill reward you for using WU or MG for deposts/withdrawls
  • Visa Transactions usually approved quickly


  • Lacks some lines including; college overnights & other exotics
  • Limited future odds at certain times
  • Software is a bit dated, (not aesthetically pleasing) but works well
  • Have reported some issues (very rare) with the mobile casino
  • Bonus has a decent size rollover (small for bonus this size in the industry...most top books don't offer this size bonus)

Other Notes:

  • Limits can be low for some sports ($1,500 to $2,000/game average max bet & up to $5,000/game for NFL Sides). However, all limits can be adjusted for players on request.
  • Limits can be low for some sports ($1,500/game average max bet), but limits can be adjusted for players on request.
  • Good book for new players who have questions (as customer service agents are helpful)

Important Notes:
For Most Efficient Service & To Have Top Offers Available:

  1. Go to our dedicated JustBet/ landing page at; (or)
  2. Signup online (using landing page form)...Inc. Promocode "Cappersinfo"
  3. After joining online call our VIP service line; 1-866-888-4070 (to make deposit)

Book #2:
5 Dimes Sportsbook
(CI Rating: 5-Stars)


  • -Some of the Best Lines on the Web

    • Excellent list of lines for all (US and International) sports
    • Good with getting lines up early and often
    • Reduced Juice on almost all spread bets
    • Lots of different teaser options & Competitive Parlay
    • Usually Unbeatable uture odds (even in Vegas)
      • Future odds up early/often for major events
      • Future odds up avalable for Golf, Nascar, & more
  • Solid and very reliable with payments
  • Higher limits.
  • Free Monthly Payment (no fees up to $3,000 if no payment within 30 days)
  • 50% Bonus (Gradual Releases)...ask them more about their bonus policy...
  • Deposits Usually go through by Visa.
  • Good Mobile Site


[*]Customer service can occasionally lack quality

  • By lacking, I mean the quality that that top customer service books offer. They don't have as many first-language English agents. They can sometimes rude if having a bad day. Their few bad agents can scare some newer players at times.

[*]In order to get free payment, you can't have any payment in last 30 days (and free payment only covers $30 of fees...which is the fee for a $3,000 payment)
[*]Payments sometimes take a few days to arrive (5 Business Days), but always get there.
[*]Bonus is a kind of week with the gradual release.

Other Notes:

[*]Use Above 5Dimes Link (or this link to join)
[*]Check processing fees usually includes $30 for every 3K (usually around 10%)...but reduced vig and some other good perks make the fees worth it.
[*]As with most books when depositing by credit card, be prepared to send security info (one time only to clear your account) if cashing-out within 60 days of deposit (this is normal).

Two Important Notes:

  • Sportbet is also owned by the 5Dimes group and offers Cappersinfo players ONLY a 100% bonus (up to $250) at this link. Note: This 100% Sportbet bonus will also be a gradual release and is available only by using the instructions on this page. However, over the past two years they have been removing the reduced vig betting section for players who get the Cappersinfo 100% bonus at Sportbet. Therefore, I don't think losing the reduced vig is worth an extra 50% gradual release bonus. So, I would recommend using 5Dimes for the smarter player. If you think an extra 50% gradual release bonus is better than reduced vig, by all means, use Sportbet and follow instructions on our exclusive landing page.
  • To join 5dimes and get the reduced vig (and option 50% gradual release bonus), use this link.

Book #2:
Diamond Sportsbook

(CI Rating: 4-Stars)


  • Great Rewards System w/ Cash Rewards (Their Best Perk)
  • Lots of Live Betting Options
  • Lots of exotics and futures odds
  • The best software of all the books above.
  • One of the best reputations on the web
  • Paid & Free Office Pools (Square, Bracket, Pickem Contests)
  • Some decent poker at times (low to medium limits)
  • 20% bonus (on Deposits of $300 or more) w/ 5x rollover or 10% w/ 3x rollover
  • Hassle free deposits and withdrawals
  • Good Mobile Betting Site
  • Ask a month or so of play, you can request a free debit card for payments (where they will put your withdrawl cash on a debit card to take out of the ATM). This will allow you one free payment per month at any amount.


  • Sometimes Visa won't work (but they are one of the best western union books)
  • Small Bonuses & Strict Bonus Policy (Required $300 Deposit)
  • "OK" Customer service


Posted : March 6, 2013 6:48 pm

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