2014 World Series Future Picks and Odds

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2014 World Series Odds, Championship Predictions and Analysis

With Spring Training underway and the Opening Day right around the corner, it is time to look at which teams have the most value to win the 2014 World Series.

2014 World Series Favorites

Odds from 5Dimes:
Los Angeles Dodgers Odds – 6.75/1
Detroit Tigers Odds – 8.75/1
Washington Nationals Odds – 10/1
St. Louis Cardinals Odds – 11/1
New York Yankees Odds – 12/1
Boston Red Sox Odds – 13/1

Value Pick: New York Yankees 12/1
New York Yankees’s Best World Series Line: 13/1 (from JustBet)
Why the Yankees can win the Championship: The 2014 version of the New York Yankees has a much brighter outlook than the 2013 team.  They started by adding Masahiro Tanaka, a Japanese star who was sensational oversees with a 24-0 record and a 1.27 ERA.  If he can produce behind C.C. Sabathia and Huroki Kuroda at the top the Yankees will have one of the strongest rotations in the AL East.  At the back end they will have to replace the greatest closer of all time in Mariano Riveria.  David Robertson was the Yankees set up man and we think he will fill in nicely at the back end of the Yankees rotation.  As far as offense is concerned, the Yankees looked at the list of top free agents this winter and basically said “we want them all.”  Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran now slot into a lineup that already held Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter and Alfonzo Soriano.  On paper they look stacked, but how will they fair once the season starts?  If key players like Jeter and Teixeira can stay healthy, a big if, they will be much improved.  In looking at the list of 2014 World Series favorites, the Yankees made the most moves to improve their team and if they can stay healthy will finish with the top spot in the American League and have a great chance to make a deep playoff run.


2014 World Series Dark Horses

Odds from 5Dimes:
Texas Rangers Odds –
Atlanta Braves Odds – 16/1
Tampa Bay Rays Odds – 17/1
Oakland Athletics Odds – 19/1
Los Angeles Angels Odds – 20/1

Value Pick: Atlanta Braves 16/1
Atlanta Braves Best World Series Line: 65/1 (from JustBet)
Why the Braves can win the World Series: With the AL West a virtual coinflip between Texas, Oakland and the LA Angels and the Tampa Bay Rays clearly behind Texas and Boston in the AL East, choosing a dark horse team for the 2014 MLB World Series was easy.  Two of the Atlanta Braves three highest paid players last season were B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla.  Upton hit .184 with a pathetic .557 OPS and was benched for the playoffs. Uggla hit .179 and was dropped from the playoff roster altogether.  If either one or both of these players can get back to the way they played before last season the Braves have a great chance to win their division.  The Washington Nationals have been underachieving for years and the Braves have one of the most well rounded teams in the National League.  The Braves have five quality starters but no clear ace, they have no players with a chance to hit 50 HR’s but they have 6 or 7 who can hit 20.  This has been the Braves mantra for the last twenty years and while they would have a hard time if they were to see the LA Dodgers in the NL Championship, at 16/1 it’s hard not to back an Atlanta team that’s sure to be in the playoffs.

2013-2014 World Series Longshots

Odds from 5Dimes:
Cincinnat Reds Odds – 22/1
Pittsburgh Pirates Odds – 30/1
San Francisco Giants Odds – 30/1
Seattle Mariners Odds – 35/1
Toronto Blue Jays Odds – 38/1

Value Pick: San Francisco Giants – 30/1
San Francisco Giants Best World Series Line: 30/1 (from 5Dimes)
Why the Giants can win the World Series: Last season the Giants didn’t just regress, they crashed head first.  They fell 18 games from the 2012 season and 131 runs of differential.  With Tim Hudson replacing Barry Zito in the Giants’ rotation, the outlook in 2014 already looks significantly brighter.  It’s no secret that Zito had a tough season and was one of the most overpaid pitchers in baseball.  There’s also reason to assume that Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum will come back with better seasons in 2014.  Cain had his worst season in 2013, but a 1.61 ERA in September indicates he may be set for a return to the norm.  The Giants historically haven’t had a great offense, at least for the last several years, and 2014 doesn’t look much different.  They lack a true power hitter, with the possible exceltion of Matt Morse who they signed in the off season.  Pablo Sandoval lost 20 pounds this off season and is capable of producing big numbers, despite failing to do so in his last two seasons.  Another breakout candidate is first basemen Brandon Belt, who hasn’t played a full season but started to fulfill his potential after the All-Star break last season.  The Giants also have one of the best bullpens in baseball, which has been a mainstay for this team since winning the 2010 World Series.  Sergio Romo, Jean Machi and Sandy Rosario aren’t household names but they are high end bullpen pitchers, this is the least of the Giants problems this year.  This team is full of players who failed to meet expectations in 2013 and if a few of them can improve this season they will compete for a Wild Card spot and anything can happen in the MLB Playoffs if you get there. 


Complete 2014 Odds to win the World Series from 5Dimes:
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Los Angeles Dodgers +675
Detroit Tigers +875
Washington Nationals +1050
St. Louis Cardinals +1100
New York Yankees +1250
Boston Red Sox +1300
Texas Rangers +1500
Atlanta Braves +1600
Tampa Bay Rays +1700
Oakland Athletics +1900
Los Angeles Angels +2000
Cincinnati Reds +2200
Pittsburgh Pirates +3000
San Francisco Giants +3000
Seattle Mariners +3500
Toronto Blue Jays +3800
Baltimore Orioles +4000
Kansas City Royals +4000
Cleveland Indians +4500
Philadelphia Phillies +4500
Arizona Diamondbacks +5000
Milwaukee Brewers +7000
San Diego Padres +7000
Colorado Rockies +7500
Chicago White Sox +8500
Chicago Cubs +9000
New York Mets +9000
Minnesota Twins +12500
Miami Marlins +13500
Houston Astros +47500

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