MLB Betting Guide (Part 1 of 3) – Baseball Betting Tips

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Major League Baseball is now underway for the 2011 season, and here at, we want you to have those most successful betting season possible.  So, we are providing a detailed wagering guide that will go into detail describing ways you can make money legally wagering on MLB baseball and become a more successful bettor overall.

This guide will be cut into a three part series where I will be offering some solid strategies and advice on how to make money this year wagering on MLB. This is part one of that series, where we will start with some of the basics.  As we reach the second and their parts, we will get a little more in-depth about the smarter ways to bet on the bases.

In this article, I will discuss several very key “secrets” to consistently winning money wagering on MLB.   I will explain in detail these strategies which are the cornerstone to making a profit wagering on Major League Baseball this year as well as for future seasons to come.

First off let me say that when it comes to handicapping any sport knowledge is power.  In this great world we live in we have tremendous access to information via the internet.  This includes statistical information that is so vital in helping to predict an outcome of a particular sporting event like Baseball.  There are a number of sports betting websites you can use to gain valuable information that gives you an edge over the general public.  These are free information sites that you do not have to belong to or pay to use.  This information is out there for everyone to be able to not only find, but utilize it to become a much more successful sports bettor as a whole.  While studying the numbers last year, I stumbled across baseball’s “dirty little secret” which I will lay out in detail as the second and main wagering strategy for Baseball.

Strategy #1 – This first piece of advice is pretty basic.  This is also something that almost any regular baseball bettor is familiar with, and that is the value in betting the “run line”.  Using the run line as an alternative to betting a large priced favorite can be a very smart way to reduce the risk.  As you may or may not know, betting the run line simply means is that you are either laying 1.5 runs (+1.5) or getting 1.5 runs (-1.5) depending on which side you select.  I do not suggest there are many situations when I would bet the run line to get 1.5 runs.  However laying 1.5 runs is a completely different story.  For example if the Yankees were -200 on the money line, on the run line at -1.5 runs you might lay just -110.  So instead of having to lay 2 to 1 on the Yankees you would have them -1.5 runs at -110 or lose $110 for every $100.

Now I will go into the math to prove why this wager is such a great value.  There are 162 games in the MLB season, and the average team plays in anywhere from the low 30’s to the high 50’s one run games.  However we are only concerned with those one run games that were wins, because those are the only situations when our run line wager would lose but the large favorite still won the game.  In fact in those one run losses we came out ahead because we didn’t have to lay 2 to 1, only -110.  So let’s take a look at the Yankees in 2010.  Their record in one run games was 20-19.  So if they played in 162 games and that yielded 20 one run wins then the Yankees had a one run win once every 8 games approximately or 12.3% of the time.

Why would you want to have to lay odds of -160 or more when you can wager on the run line and eliminate laying odds, and in many cases even be getting odds like +120 or more?  Now I suggest you do your homework and make sure you know what team you are wagering on before using this strategy.

For example; The Yankees only played in 20 one run wins last year. At the same time, if I would have chosen Minnesota I would have been much more successful (deferring from the run line), as they played in a MLB most 31 one run wins.  They win by one run 19.1% of the time, which is 64.4% higher than the Yankees.

Please join us on Wednesday for part two of thise three part blog series on the basics of wagering on MLB, where I will go into much more detail.  I will be listing the 5 teams to watch for this year for run line wagers in part two.  And, you don’t want to miss part three on Friday, as we’ll discuss a baseball picks strategy that will blow your mind.  Again, check back on Wednesday for more baseball betting strategies.

Lou Palumbo is the founder and part owner of the Sports Handicapping Community. He's been writing and posting free picks and sports handicapping strategies on the Cappersinfo forums and website for 15 years now. He enjoys handicapping just as much as he did from the very first day he built the original Cappersinfo website.

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