Free MLB Picks: Picks To Strike Out On 2011 World Series Odds

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Spring Training is here once again, and if we’re already hearing the cracks of the bats, that means that there are World Series odds for us to analyze! Here at Cappers Info, we’re taking our first look at some of the teams that we wouldn’t back with your money in 2011 World Series betting action.

New York Mets: 55 to 1 at SportBet – Please spare me your, “Well duh, Drew!” comments for this one. At least at 55 to 1, one would think that the Mets have at least a shot of winning the World Series this season. However, I’m here to tell you that there is absolutely zero chance — ZERO chance — of the Mets making the playoffs, let alone going to the World Series and winning it. The starting rotation for this team without Johan Santana is nothing more than a who’s who of retreads that no one else wanted to pay money to. The bullpen has a mentally unstable situation with Francisco Rodriguez finishing the job, and the best arms around him from last season are all gone as well. It’d be nice to see Jose Reyes or David Wright really stay healthy for the season. We’re also not really all that sure that Carlos Beltran or Jason Bay have all that much left in the tank (or were really all that great to start off with). Aside from that, we’re talking about guys like Ike Davis having to carry this team. Yuck. It’s bad enough that the best the Mets can do is win the Wild Card, as the Philadelphia Phillies are surely winning the NL East. There’s just nothing that New York can do, especially with cash strapped owners at this point.

Tampa Bay Rays: 31 to 1 at SportBet – As much as we’d love to say that these are great World Series odds on a team that won the AL East last season, we know better. Manager Joe Maddon continues to find ways to get more out of less every year than any other manager in baseball, and he should definitely be commended for it. However, there’s just too much that has been lost in this offseason. The entire bullpen has to be started over from scratch, and it feels like half of the starting lineup is gone as well. Losing Jason Bartlett wasn’t all that great of a deal with others ready to come up and fill the gap, but Carlos Pena really doesn’t have a replacement at first base. To make matters worse, two of the biggest names that were lost, Rafael Soriano and Carl Crawford, are both playing in division for the Yanks and Red Sox respectively. The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays are improved teams this year as well. We could see Tampa Bay winning 80 games this year… and maybe finishing in the gutter of the division in doing so.

St. Louis Cardinals: 28 to 1 at SportBet – Manager Tony LaRussa has a history of making chicken soup out of chicken… well, you know… but this would be a very tall task to pull off. Losing Adam Wainwright to season ending surgery doesn’t do anything but hurt this team’s case, as there is definitely a hole behind the often injured Chris Carpenter in this rotation. Is Jamie Garcia really good enough to fill the void? It’s quite possible, but who is going to step into his shoes? That’s where the real drop off begins. In the lineup, we know that Albert Pujols is going to go absolutely bonkers in a contract season right before he will inevitably make a quadrabazillion dollars, but he’s going to have a hard time driving in any runs aside from himself and Matt Holliday this season. It’ll take Lance Berkman finding the Fountain of Youth from somewhere (he obviously didn’t bring it with him to the Big Apple from Houston!), or some other unheralded stars to step up to the plate to help this squad out. When push comes to shove, there just isn’t enough there to think that this is anything more than maybe a .500 team at best.

Texas Rangers: 22 to 1 at SportBet – Whereas we wouldn’t mind taking a shot on the San Francisco Giants as a solid bet in the National League, we just can’t see taking the Rangers right now. We know that this team was far more than just Cliff Lee, but it really has to hurt knowing that Lee is gone at this point. The Oakland A’s really became a better team this year, and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim just aren’t staying down forever. There’s a real chance that the defending AL Champs aren’t even going to sniff the postseason this year, and even if they are 22 to 1 to win it all, it just isn’t going to happen unless there are a heck of a lot of deer signs cropping up in Arlington that we aren’t expecting.

New York Yankees: 7 to 1 at SportBet – We’ve really saved the best for last this time around. The Yankees are always one of the best teams in baseball, but we’re really not so sure that they’re worthy of being in the same breath with the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies this year. This lineup is going to score a ton of runs this year, and there is no doubting that, but these pitchers are just awful. CC Sabathia and… Yuck. It’s only a matter of time before Father Time catches up to this team. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera certainly aren’t getting any younger, and there just has to be a point that they all just drop off. It was also apparent last year that the Bronx Bombers didn’t have the grit and tenacity to win a seven game series in the ALCS, and especially if the Red Sox are the team on the other side of the coin in this prospective series, we’ll take our chances that New York isn’t winning out.

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