World Series Free Picks: MLB Playoff Predictions Round 2

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The MLB postseason is finally here! Here at Cappers Info, we have all of the ins and outs that you need to know before making your picks in the League Championship Series that being on Friday. Use this as a reference not only for betting games in this series, but for futures World Series bets as well.

MLB Playoff Pick #1: Philadelphia Phillies (-250 at Diamond Sportsbook) vs. San Francisco Giants: Neither one of these offenses has really done anything to wow us at this point, but both pitching staffs have been absolutely phenomenal. We tend to believe that the bats of the Phils are bound to wake up at some point. Guys like 1B Ryan Howard, 2B Chase Utley, and SS Jimmy Rollins aren't going to be batting right at or below the Mendoza Line for the entire postseason, and inevitably, a spark is going to happen at some point. The Phils have a distinct edge in the fourth game in this series thanks to the fact that Joe Blanton is significantly better than any fourth man that the G-Men will throw out there. We'll take our chances with RHP Roy Halladay and RHP Roy Oswalt at home in Games 1 and 2 due to the fact that these men have combined for just one loss for their team in the City of Brotherly Love since July. Heck, Oswalt has never led his team to a loss at home as a member of the Phils. It's hard to sit here and lay this type of lumber against guys like LHP Jonathan Sanchez, RHP Matt Cain, and RHP Tim Lincecum, but it's easy to do when you have the arms to counter that. Philly just needs to hold home field advantage in this series to be okay. We tend to believe that the hosts take four of the first five games in this series, but that Game 4 edge is going to cripple the Giants when push comes to shove. We're worried about the Philadelphia bullpen, but this unit only had to pitch four innings in the entire first round against the Cincinnati Reds… four spotless innings. If we knew that the bullpen was going to be virtually flawless for the Phils, we'd lay -400. As it is, the easy pick is Philadelphia in 6 games.

MLB Playoff Pick #2: New York Yankees (-170 at Diamond Sportsbook) vs. Texas Rangers: Before you make your MLB picks in this series, you have to ask yourself one very important question: Is heart and hustle really good enough to beat the New York Yankees? In a game, sure. Even two, possibly three. We'd believe it. But there's just too much pop in this New York lineup to be beaten, right? The starting pitching for the Rangers clearly looks overmatched in at least the first two games, and it's really hard to say that there's a distinct advantage for LHP Cliff Lee against one of the best postseason pitchers ever in LHP Andy Pettitte. New York isn't going to make the same mistakes in the field that the Tampa Bay Rays did, which is going to cut down on the blunders that Texas can capitalize on. The lineup for the Yanks just has too much for most of these Rangers pitchers to overcome. In the three games in the ALDS, the Bronx Bombers had nine men bat at least .273, and only OF Brett Gardner had a relatively lousy series at .200. Oh, the man batting .273… some 3B Alex Rodriguez guy. It's horrible for the Rangers to think that they needed to use Lee earlier this week to close out the Rays and not be able to use him until Game 3 in this series. By then, the ALCS might effectively be over. Don't be shocked if this series is a sweep, but it certainly isn't going back to Texas once it leaves there. Put away your antlers. The Evil Empire is ready to strike once again. Yankees in 5.

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