2013-2014 NBA Championship Future Picks and Odds

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2013-2014 NBA Finals Odds, Championship Predictions and Analysis

With the All-Star break behind us and less than half of the season remaining it is time to look at which teams have the most value to win the 2014 NBA Championship. 

2013-2014 NBA Championship Favorites

Odds from 5Dimes:
Miami Heat Odds – 2.4/1
Indiana Pacers Odds –  3/1
Oklahoma City Thunder Odds – 4/1
San Antonio Spurs Odds – 11/1
Los Angeles Clippers Odds – 12/1

Value Pick: San Antonio Spurs 12/1
San Antonio’s Best NBA Championship Line: 12/1 (from JustBet)
Why the Spurs can win the Championship: It seems like a long time ago, but the Spurs were in the NBA Championship last year.  While their record might not be nearly as impressive this season, we know coach Greg Popovich will have his star players well rested and ready to make another deep playoff run.  There’s no better coach in the league at making changes during a series and making sure his team is prepared from night to night throughout the playoffs.  The Spurs’ Championship odds will probably continue to drop as the team loses a few games they should win late in the season.  Not to worry, San Antonio is known for giving players like Tony Parker and Tim Duncan extra days off as the season comes to an end so their older talent will be ready for a deep playoff run.  A potential matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Championship round would have all NBA fans excited.  It’s hard to pass on a Spurs team that has been there before, with more depth and more quality players at all positions than most of the teams on this list.  They’re the most well rounded, have a distinct coaching advantage and can compete with any team in the league over a seven game series.  At 12/1 they are a bargain to get back to the NBA Finals.  There is little value in Miami or Indiana, who will surely face off in the Eastern Conference finals but that series is a toss up and it is very hard to predict which of the two will win, making their betting edge minimal.  The Spurs wouldn’t have much of a problem with the LA Clippers in a Western Conference matchup, but if they were to meet the Thunder in the Conference Finals there would be great opportunities to hedge your bet if you were to take San Antonio at 12/1 now.  They could get as high as 15/1 or better if they drop a few games in the standings as the season comes to an end, like we think they will.


2013-2014 NBA Championship Dark Horses

Odds from 5Dimes:
Portland Trailblazers 20/1

Houston Rockets 24/1
Golden State Warriors 25/1
Brooklyn Nets 55/1
Memphis Grizzlies 70/1

Value Pick: Brooklyn Nets 55/1
Brooklyn’s Best NBA Championship Line: 65/1 (from JustBet)
Why the Nets can win the Championship: In the Western Conference virtually every team that makes the playoffs will qualify as a darkhorse to win the Championship, but in the Eastern Conference a showdown between Indiana and Miami feels inevitable.  The Nets are the only team with the playoff experience and talent to push Indiana or Miami deep into a series.  They have one thing that Indiana and Miami don’t, an elite level point guard in Deron Williams.  He has had a bad year by his standards but much of that can be attributed to the regime change in Brooklyn.  In a seven game grinder of a series, he could give the Nets an advantage.   If Kevin Garnett can get healthy and the Nets can go on a run before the playoffs start they can win a series or two and justify betting on them at such long odds.  They certainly have the talent to contend in a weak Eastern Conference and their chances to win the East are much better than the other Western Conference darkhorse teams that can win or lose against any other Western Conference playoff team.  If you’re considering betting on the Nets to win the Championship, do so soon, as they should continue to improve as the season progresses and their odds to win might drop.  If there’s one team in the Eastern Conference that can put up a fight against a Miami or Indiana, Brooklyn is it.

2013-2014 NBA Championship Longshots

Odds from 5Dimes:
Dallas Mavericks 80/1

Chicago Bulls 100/1
Toronto Raptors 120/1
New York Knicks 125/1
Phoenix Suns 125/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 140/1

Value Pick: Toronto Raptors 120/1
Toronto Raptors Best NBA Championship Line: 120/1 (from 5Dimes)
Why the Raptors can win the NBA Championship: In the NBA more than any other sport it is very tough to justify picking a longshot to win the Championship.  In professional basketball, more often than not, the cream rises to the top and the best teams are left standing at the end of the season.  Is Toronto as good as Miami or Indiana in the East?  Probably not, but they are third in the Eastern Conference Standings, have a winning record, and have been improving steadily as the season has progressed.  DeMar DeRozan is emerging as a talent in the league and they should only get stronger once Amir Johnson and Landry Fields are healthy.  Toronto is also the fourth best team in the NBA in points allowed per game.  If defense wins championships, this should bode well for the Raptors when the playoffs come around.  If you’re going to give the third best team in the East a 120/1 chance to win the championship there’s going to be some value in taking them and hoping they can win a series or two to create hedging opportunities once they square off against an Indiana or a Miami.  Out of all of the teams on the longshot list, the Raptors are seeded the highest and will surely find themselves in the playoffs in the East, while teams like Minnesota, Dallas and New York might not even make the playoffs.

Complete 2014 Odds to win the NBA Finals from 5Dimes:
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Miami Heat+240
Indiana Pacers+310
Oklahoma City Thunder+400
San Antonio Spurs+1100
Los Angeles Clippers +1250
Portland Trail Blazers +2000
Houston Rockets +2400
Golden State Warriors +2500
Brooklyn Nets +5500
Memphis Grizzlies +7000
Dallas Mavericks +8000
Chicago Bulls +10000
Toronto Raptors +12000
New York Knicks +12500
Phoenix Suns +12500
Minnesota Timberwolves +14000
Atlanta Hawks +15000
Denver Nuggets +17000
Washington Wizards +17000
Detroit Pistons +17500
Cleveland Cavaliers +40000
New Orleans Pelicans +50000
Charlotte Bobcats +60000
Boston Celtics +65000
Los Angeles Lakers +75000
Philadelphia 76ers +100000
Sacramento Kings +500000
Orlando Magic +600000
Utah Jazz +750000
Milwaukee Bucks +800000

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