Turning Knicks Fans Into Nets Fans: The Mikhail Prokhorov Project

My fellow comrades: I'm sure that I'm not going to be the first one that says this, nor will I be the last. I can't wait to see Mikhail Prokhorov run the New Jersey Nets.

Tell me the truth: I'm sure that I wasn't the only one that was wondering how Prokhorov, a Russian billionaire, was going to figure out how to successfully off the Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers in a quest to acquire Kentucky PG John Wall with his selection in the 2010 NBA Draft. Anyone who claims that they weren't thinking that absolutely has to be lying.

Prokhorov's interview with ESPN prior to the draft lottery (shown above) was classic. So how are you going to build a fan base in New Jersey, and then eventually Brooklyn? Easy.

"I'm going to turn Knicks fans into Nets fans."



Now, normally, I would say that that's about as easy as getting Cardinals fans to become Cubs fans or Redskins fans to become Cowboys fans. But this is a lot different. The Nets have been the laughing stock of the NBA for awhile now, but when a man who looks like Ivan Drago comes out and guarantees that he is going to win a championship within five years, you can't help but become intrigued.

And why not? Yes, there's a salary cap to worry about, but does Prokhorov give one damn whatsoever about the luxury tax in the NBA? When you're a billionaire (that's right… billionaire with a B), does a wimpy little few hundred grand really mean anything? Are you paying attention LeBron James? Dwyane Wade? Chris Bosh? Amare Stoudemire? Joe Johnson? David Lee? Dirk Nowitzki?

Whereas the Knicks have spent all of their money in their history on incredibly large stiffs like Allen Houston, Stephon Marbury, Larry Hughes… and the list could go on and on… the Nets are inevitably going to forget about these second class names and go straight to the top. I mean, could Prokhorov said anything short of the fact that his goal in this offseason is to bring King James to New Jersey? And if he doesn't succeed, how many people are getting fired (or worse!)?

Even though many don't exactly welcome this move with open arms, the NBA should be drooling over the prospects of getting billions of dollars into its league. Yes, salaries may be driven higher, but so will national exposure. After all, you don't think that the Nets aren't going to become Russia's team just as Yao Ming has made the Houston Rockets China's team? This is going to be another case of a guy that you love or a guy that you hate. He's George Steinbrenner crossed with Mark Cuban crossed with the Maloof Brothers.

Get ready my comrades. The Mikhail Prokhorov era is coming to New Jersey and it won't stop until the Big Apple has been taken over. From there, the artists that will soon be formerly known as the New Jersey Nets will turn into the rulers of the NBA.

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