Latest Odds to Win the 2017 NCAA Tournament & Free Sweet 16 Picks

Below you’ll find the latest odds to win the 2017 NCAA tournament prior to the sweet 16 games.  You’ll also find our analysis of the current odds & free sweet 16 picks below.

In looking at the latest odds, it was of no surprise that the three one-seeded teams left in the ncaa tournament are listed as the current favorites.  North Carolina &  Kansas sit atop the board, both at 5 to 1 odds.  The Gonzaga Bulldogs sit just below them at a price of 7 to 1.

Latest odds to win the 2017 NCAA Tournament From 5 Dimes Sportsbook:

NCAA Tournament Odds Analysis & Sweet 16 Picks:

In looking at the board and assessing the value picks, the are some things being overlooked by the betting public.  The fact that KU & UNC would face off in an eventual final four match up (assuming they both to survive difficult second weekend matchups) makes them both highly over-valued at the 5 to 1 price.

However, on the same side of the bracket, there may be a modicum of value in Kentucky at the listed 12 to 1 odds.  We see a UNC vs Kentucky (elite 8) matchup in the south as a coin flip game, or very close to one.  That being said, I couldn’t recommend in good faith a bet on Kentucky, as UK has to first get by a very tough UCLA team.

The right side of the bracket is looking like it has the most difficult regions to come out of.  So, I immediately started looking for value elsewhere.  The truth is that all the bargain sweet 16 prices are in the East region right now.  This is likely due to the 1-seeded team in Villanova being eliminated, leaving no 2017 marquee teams in that region.

In my opinion, the best current sweet 16 futures price (& team worth betting to win the 2017 NCAA Tournament) can be found in the East….  This team is also way down the list of current odds to win the tournament.  That team is the Wisconsin Badgers who are clearly being underbet right now at 18 to 1.

It’s clear, to any casual observer, Wisconson was under-seeded by the selection committee this year and the Badgers have the talent to go the distance.  A price of 18-1 on Wisky is an absolute bargain price.  Another reason they have value, is they also have the path of least resistance to the 2017 finals. Assuming Wisconsin can make it out of the East, you’ll likely seem them as a favorite or a very slight dog in the final four (regardless of who comes out of the West).

If looking to make a future play (on who will win the NCAA tournament) before the second weekend’s games, my advice would be a play on Wisconsin (at 18 to 1).  Then I would hedge my bets with the other half of East region.  So, I would add two smaller plays on Baylor (16 to 1) and South Carolina at 50-1.

My Sweet 16 Picks (Futures):
1. Wisconsin Badgers: 18 to 1 (2 Units)
2. Baylor Bears: 16 to 1 (1 Unit)
3. South Carolina: 50 to 1 (1/2 Unit)

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