Free NCAA Football Picks: College Football Top 25 (Updated 10/28)

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Our staff has developed college football power ratings with up to date rankings and how we as handicappers see these teams. We will list our NCAA football team rankings on a week by week basis and as much as possible. You can check this page for up to date NCAA football power ratings from Cappersinfo Sports Handicapping. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check out all the free sports picks in the forums and free picks monitor, other sports betting information, and college football predictions for sports handicappers!

Cappersinfo Current NCAA Football Power Rankings
(Rankings through Week 9)

1: Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0) – Alabama probably can afford to lose this week’s game against LSU and still be in the National Championship picture, and the truth of the matter is that it might make for the easier path for the second straight year. This way, there wouldn’t be a game against a stingy Georgia team waiting in the SEC Championship Game, and 11-1 is likely good enough to get the job done. Still, this is the best team in the nation, and in our eyes, it isn’t even disputable.

2: Oregon Ducks (8-0) – The Ducks still have some tough games over the course of the rest of this season, but their offense is just crazy once again. QB Marcus Mariota is getting the ball up and down the field with ease, though we know that this is a club that often goes into the tank when it gets ahead by a large margin. Defensively, the Ducks are underrated, but they are going to have to beat a big boy out of the SEC in all likelihood to go to win the BCS National Championship, something that has gone poorly over the course of the last two seasons.

3: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-0) – We just love this Notre Dame defense. The truth of the matter is that the Golden Domers are just four wins away from almost certainly playing for the BCS National Championship, and that is a remarkable accomplishment for a team that was ready to burn Head Coach Brian Kelly at the stake early this year. However, eight wins cures all problems, and Kelly is on his way to the BCS this year barring a horrifying string of luck that probably includes not just two, but likely three losses.

4: Ohio State Buckeyes (9-0) – The Buckeyes don’t get any respect, but they are likely going to finish out the year at 12-0, a perfect campaign under first year Head Coach Urban Meyer. QB Braxton Miller still could be a Heisman Trophy finalist, though we don’t see him winning the award in a year in which his team is ineligible. If the defense improves for the Buckeyes down the line, they’ll be National Championship contenders quickly under Meyer’s direction.

5: Kansas State Wildcats (8-0) – All the Wildcats do is win, and there’s something to really be said about that. However, they just don’t feel like a team that is going to finish the year 12-0. Winning these last four games might get the job done and send the Cats to the National Championship Game, but there is a big time X put on their backs right now, just as was the case last year for Oklahoma State in its quest for glory. QB Collin Klein is the Heisman favorite right now, and for good reason, as he is surviving some of the biggest tests in the country. All of the toughest tasks are now said and done, but that doesn’t mean that the national title awaits.

6: LSU Tigers (7-1) – The Bayou Bengals have their chance to get back in the National Championship chase, and Saturday’s game against Alabama really is for all the marbles as we see it. Either the Tigers are going to be in the BCS Championship hunt with a win and take control of the SEC West, or they may as well punch their ticket to the Cotton Bowl. They could still slip into the BCS as an at large at 10-2, but it doesn’t really seem all that likely, especially with Florida, Georgia, or maybe even potentially South Carolina slipping in there instead. This is the biggest game in the young career of QB Zach Mettenberger.

7: Florida State Seminoles (8-1) – Florida State lost the game that it could lose on the road against NC State, and now, it is going to pay the price of likely finishing out the year at either 11-2 or 12-1 and totally out of the BCS National Championship discussions. The computers hate the Noles, and for good reason, as their schedule has been awfully weak from the start. There really isn’t anything left to stop them, save for a roadie at Virginia Tech and the home game against Florida at the end of the year, but in the end, we still think that this is one of the best 10 teams in America.

8: Georgia Bulldogs (7-1) – Winning the Florida/Georgia game was a big one for the Bulldogs, as they took a massive step back in the chase for the BCS National Championship. The truth of the matter is that they might only need one of the three of Oregon, Notre Dame, and Kansas State to lose to get back in control of their own destiny, but of course, there is that tiny little SEC Championship Game, likely against Alabama waiting in the wings.

9: Louisville Cardinals (8-0) – There’s just no respect here for the Cardinals, who have a great young team that is taking a lot of steps in the right direction this year. QB Teddy Bridgewater is just a sophomore, and if he and Head Coach Charlie Strong can stay on the same page over the course of the next couple of years, this might ultimately be a team that can contend for the National Championship at some point. The shame though, is that even finishing at 12-0 would likely leave the Cards in the Orange Bowl at best in a BCS game against the ACC winner, one which won’t prove anything for the national standing of the program, win or lose.

10: Florida Gators (7-1) – Florida’s defense might be second to none in the nation, but its offense has been horrendous all year long. When the ‘D’ failed at times in the game against Georgia, the offense just didn’t have the answers to make up for it. The Gators aren’t out of the National Championship picture yet, but they have to go 11-1 and probably hope that Georgia loses to a team that it has no business losing to. QB Jeff Driskel has to improve, because right now, he isn’t a quarterback that is leading a team to a championship, or perhaps even a BCS bowl game.

11: Clemson Tigers (7-1) – The one loss for Clemson was a bad one against Florida State, and it dropped it just far too far out of the BCS National Championship picture. The truth of the matter is that there is a long gap from here down to the next team in line in our eyes, and the game against South Carolina late in the year will likely determine whether either one is going to be in at large consideration for the BCS or not. The Tigers are just hoping that Florida State gets tripped by someone else in the ACC to get back to the conference title game and to put those BCS chances back in their own hands again.

12: South Carolina Gamecocks (7-2) – RB Marcus Lattimore is lost for the season, and perhaps for his whole career at this point after suffering a gruesome leg injury that literally looked like it just decimated his entire leg. Still, the Old Ball Coach knows that he has a team that is every bit as good as its Top 15 rating suggests, but what we found out against Florida and LSU is that this isn’t a team that is ready to contend for the SEC title again.

13: Oklahoma Sooners (5-2) – The Sooners have now lost two games at home, and their loss to Notre Dame came in truly stunning fashion. Now, there really is nothing left for Oklahoma to do but hope that it can sneak into the back of the BCS, and that is going to take another five wins without a shadow of a doubt to happen. It just isn’t all that likely when push comes to shove, but we still think that this is a tremendously talented team.

14: Oregon State Beavers (6-1) – Oregon State proved that it was a sham last week against Washington, and we can’t wait to see what Oregon is going to do to this team in the Civil War in a few weeks. The Beavers will likely coast to around a 9-3 finish to the year, and that won’t be good enough to get into the BCS, so it will be off to the Holiday Bowl or something of the sorts. Still, it has been a great year for Head Coach Mike Riley, who was once on a very, very hot seat at the outset of this season.

15: Texas A&M Aggies (6-2) – Get used to hearing the name QB Johnny Manziel. Johnny Football, as he is already known in the Lone Star State, has his Aggies moving up and down the field this year, and this is going to be a man that ultimately really goes on to greatness when push comes to shove. A&M isn’t quite there yet in the SEC, but finishing with nine wins would be nothing to be ashamed of when push comes to shove.

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16: USC Trojans (6-2) – USC has one of the most talented teams in America, but on the road, every team has given it the best that it could ask for. As a result, the Trojans have lost both at Stanford and at Arizona, and their chances at the BCS are awfully thin at the moment, especially with at least one game coming against Orgeon here in the near future. QB Matt Barkley might still be the top pick in the NFL Draft next year, but he isn’t going to be accomplishing all of the goals that he set out for this season.

17: Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-1) – We’ll see here in the next few weeks whether Mississippi State is legit or not, but in all likelihood, this is a team is due for its fall from grace. Give Head Coach Dan Mullen some credit for building a team that has a whole mess load of talent, but in the end, that talent just isn’t good enough to beat the best that the SEC West has to offer.

18: Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (7-1) – This is the best mid major team in the country in our eyes, and we think that La Tech should get a shot at one of the big boys this year in the BCS. It isn’t likely to happen, especially knowing that Boise State probably isn’t going to end up losing a game again for the rest of the year, but this is one of the most fun teams in the nation to watch. Take the whole media guide and throw it out for the Dogs. They’re rewriting every single record in the book this year under the direction of Head Coach Sonny Dykes, who is probably going to be on to bigger and better next year.

19: Stanford Cardinal (6-2) – We’re probably a bit rough on Stanford, knowing that one of its losses came to Notre Dame, but still, this is a club that we really just don’t think all that much of. The Cardinal don’t have a quarterback (apologies to QB Josh Nunes), and their defense has let them down too many times on the campaign. They’ll be a nice bowl team out of the Pac-12, but certainly not a BCS team, even if they win out in our eyes.

20: West Virginia Mountaineers (5-2) – West Virginia could still ultimately be a team that gets back in the BCS discussion if it can go on a run. There are enough games left to come flying through the rankings, and we think that a BCS bowl would love to bring QB Geno Smith and this high flying offense to its game. However, back to back losses, and bad ones at that to Texas Tech and Kansas State had provided a harsh reminder that this isn’t a team that is ready for the big time yet, though we know that the Mountaineers can still turn this around when push comes to shove.

21: Nebraska Cornhuskers (6-2) – Why? Because somebody has to be represented here from the Big Ten, right? Ohio State doesn’t totally count because it isn’t going to be in a bowl game this year, and the Cornhuskers are the heavy favorites now to go to the Rose Bowl. They really just need to stay on the horse for the rest of the campaign and not fall off, and if that turns out to be the case, Head Coach Bo Pelini will finally be validated and will be bringing his school a ton of money for getting to one of the biggest bowl games of the year.

22: Boise State Broncos (7-1) – Boise State has rolled off seven straight wins, but those seven straight wins have basically come against seven straight nobodies. If not for the fact that this club was Boise State, it probably wouldn’t be ranked in the Top 25, let alone having a real chance to make it to the BCS this year. Win out, and the Broncos are likely going back, but this time, they are going to get slaughtered by a team that is significantly more deserving when push comes to shove.

23: Texas Longhorns (6-2) – The two losses to Oklahoma and West Virginia aren’t good for Texas, but at least the Longhorns got back on the boat last week and could at least think about hanging around in the BCS chase and the Big XII title hunt. Head Coach Mack Brown knows that he is going to need to beat Kansas State to save his job, though we doubt that he will actually be fired. Expect to see this one look a lot like it did for Bobby Bowden when he was more or less asked to leave Florida State.

24: Texas Tech Red Raiders (6-2) – Head Coach Tommy Tuberville knows that he really needed to put together a good season this year, and a good season he has put together. The Red Raiders will be down on the Big XII bowl ladder, but at least they are in the discussion. Look for them to retain Tuberville, especially after the work that he has done with QB Seth Doege this year, making him a prototypical Texas Tech quarterback with a high completion percentage and a great TD/INT ratio.

25: Toledo Rockets (7-1) – The Rockets aren’t ranked in the Top 25 in either the AP Poll or the USA Today, but we think that they deserve some love. Remember that their only loss of the year came to Arizona, and that came in overtime. Now, they could be on their way to the MAC Championship this year, and that should have at least kept them in the BCS discussions if not for the successes that Louisiana Tech and Boise State have had this year.

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