2010 NFL Draft Market: Buy or Sell

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The stock market goes up and down on a regular basis, and the market for Super Bowl betting lines has adjusted dramatically after the events of the 2010 NFL Draft weekend. Here at Cappers Info, we're looking at what stocks you should be buying and selling for the upcoming season!

Buy: Oakland Raiders 80/1 at Bodog Sportsbook – Are we really going to buy Oakland Raiders stock? Why not? Consider the fact that the rest of the AFC West is just pitiful now that the Chargers have completely revamped their team (we'll talk about them in a second) and the Broncos (whom we'll also discuss) aren't taking any steps in the right direction either. Oakland grabbed its franchise quarterback for a 2012 fourth round pick in the form of QB Jason Campbell from the Redskins. Campbell has all the talent in the world, and he can successfully lead this franchise to a respectable season and maybe even a playoff berth if the cards all fall right. At odds this long, the silver and black may be worth a shot.

Sell: San Diego Chargers 10/1 at Bodog Sportsbook – Trading up to get RB Ryan Mathews was a big reach for the Chargers. He's no LaDainian Tomlinson of old, and when you factor in the departure of DB Antonio Cromartie as well, the Bolts don't look to be as dominant as they once were. Sure, QB Philip Rivers is going to win games by himself at times this year, but there's no way that San Diego is winning one out of ten Super Bowls with this team that it has assembled. This is definitely a team that is on the downswing at this point, and it must know that the window of opportunity is starting to really close quickly.

Buy: Baltimore Ravens 18/1 at Bodog Sportsbook – Last year, the Ravens had a scary team that finished 9-7 and made the playoffs. Now, Baltimore has four rookies to add to its collection that can really make a big difference immediately even though it didn't have a first round draft pick. LB Sergio Kindle can step in opposite of LB Terrell Suggs and wreck havoc in that 3-4 scheme, while DT Terrence Cody next to DT Haloti Ngata is just going to be frightening. Don't discount TEs Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson either, who both add athleticism to a team in dire need of it on the offensive end of the field. With the Steelers missing QB Ben Roethlisberger for six games and many believing that the Bengals were a flash in the pan last year, Baltimore is the team to watch in the AFC North.

Sell: Denver Broncos 50/1 at Bodog Sportsbook – It seems as though the books have caught on to how miserable this team could really be this year. The Broncos didn't do anything to help themselves in this offseason, as they essentially traded Brandon Marshall out for Demaryius Thomas, who has a lot of questions surrounding him after playing in an option offense at Georgia Tech. With a ton of holes still on the team, Denver traded back into the first round to draft QB Tim Tebow, who may never be able to help the team out. If the Broncos are right about the Florida Gator, they may be able to stay competitive. But in all likelihood, they're destined for yet another yet without a playoff berth.

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