2011 NFL Picks: Week 9 NFL Upsets, Underdogs To Back

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Here at Cappers Info, we are taking a weekly look at the teams that could be ripe to pull off some major upsets! Check out the potentially ugly dogs that could come up and bite you in the butt in you aren’t careful for the Week 9 of NFL betting action!

Year To Date Record: 28-26 ATS
Upset Record: 8-13, -$575

Underdog Pick #1: Indianapolis Colts (+245 at Wager Web Sportsbook) vs. Atlanta Falcons, Sunday, 1:00 ET: Are we certifiably insane this week picking the Colts for the outright upset at home? This team isn’t going 0-16… we don’t think… and this might be one of the best chances to get the job done. The Falcons just aren’t all that great of a team in our estimation, and if by chance RB Michael Turner ends up having some problems running the football for whatever reason, the hosts may just have the upset in them. Remember that Indy has played some tougher ball at home this year, taking the Steelers down to the wire and playing tough in both of its other games here. The Falcons haven’t traditionally been a great road team, though they did go on the road and take care of the Lions before their bye week. That doesn’t mean that Indy isn’t winning this game at least one out of three times.

Underdog Pick #2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+340 at Wager Web Sportsbook) @ New Orleans Saints, Sunday 1:00 ET: The big dogs continue this week with the Bucs, a team that already won once in this series just three weeks ago. QB Josh Freeman has a knack for keeping games close, and he has yet another knack of winning them when he gets them close. The Saints were exposed last week as being weak against the run when RB Steven Jackson just plowed right through them. Sure, it was probably a spot where they were looking ahead to Tampa Bay, but we don’t think that they are nearly as good as many once thought. Don’t be shocked if this game ends up being a heck of a lot closer than you would think, as Tampa Bay does have the ability to pull this game off.

Underdog Pick #3: Miami Dolphins (+175 at Wager Web Sportsbook) @ Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday 1:00 ET: Could there really not be a winless team left in the bunch at the end of this weekend? If this works out the way that we are expecting it to, that could be the case. Miami has come close over the course of these last two weeks, and this is a bad, bad spot for Kansas City. The Chiefs are at home, coming off of the big time Monday Night Football win against the Chargers, and they’re on a short week. This is a hungry Dolphins outfit that does have the ability to win, and again, we just don’t see this team going 0-16. Miami will win this game, nowhere near half the time, but at least four out of 10, which is good enough for us to cash in big time.

Underdog Pick #4: San Diego Chargers (+210 at Wager Web Sportsbook) vs. Green Bay Packers, Sunday 4:15 ET: The Chargers are the biggest tease in the NFL. They have all of the talent in the world, but they just play nowhere near their level of expectation, really at any point. When you think that they’ve got it figured out, they go on the road and get beaten in overtime by a team like the Chiefs, who clearly don’t have the same type of talent that they do. That being said, this is now a time in which we see San Diego as a decided underdog at home against the Packers off of their bye week. Many think that the hosts are just overmatched, especially without RB Ryan Mathews and RB Curtis Brinkley in all likelihood. However, we know better. We know that the Bolts are good enough to win this game, and in typical San Diego fashion, it will get the job done in this game, beat the best team in the league, and make us all think that it is a Super Bowl contender once again. Except for the fact that we know better…

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