2011 Super Bowl Picks: Handicapping the Super Bowl 46 Odds

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We are halfway through the NFL betting campaign, and that means that it is time to take a closer look at the Super Bowl odds once again. Check out some of the best bets that we see on the board to take home the Lombardi Trophy!

Green Bay Packers (+255 at Diamond Sportsbook): With all due respect to the rest of the teams in the league this year, there just aren’t any that are as good as Green Bay. The Packers are two games up in the NFC North, and we just don’t see any way that the Lions are running them down as the division winners. And, if that ends up being the case, at bare minimum, Green Bay should have a first round bye in the NFC, and in all likelihood, it will end up with home field advantage throughout the playoffs. There’s just no way that the Packers will be anything but odds on favorites if they end up taking their record to 15-1 or 16-0, and that’s exactly what we feel like will happen.

San Francisco 49ers (+1250 at Diamond Sportsbook : Again, let’s be fairly realistic right now about the Niners. They’re winning the NFC West, and they’re probably doing so with at least 12 wins thanks to all of the divisional games that they still have to play. That means that they could end up with a first round bye, and though they probably would be underdogs in each of their postseason games, it still wouldn’t be by dramatic amounts, and it surely wouldn’t parlay up to greater than 12 to 1. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has a side that really could get the job done this year, and if that’s the case, we want in now as opposed to down the line when everyone realizes that this team will indeed end up with a first round bye in the playoffs.

Houston Texans (+1550 at Diamond Sportsbook): Come on, Houston! The Texans are the prohibitive favorites in the AFC South, and with so much clustering going on in the rest of the conference, what’s to say that they can’t be the top seed in the conference? They should be 6-3 after this week, they still have their bye, and they have three games left in a very weak division along with some other very winnable games. WR Andre Johnson should be back in the lineup soon, and that will only make an offense that is already very, very good, one that is amazing. We aren’t afraid about this team competing against the big boys either, as it already proved with its win over the Steelers that it can fight with the best of them in the conference.

Buffalo Bills (+2550 at Diamond Sportsbook): They run the ball, and they play good defense. What more could we ask for from the Bills than that? If they can just find a way to sweep the Dolphins and win this weekend against the Jets, they should end up with at least 11 wins on the season, which will surely be good enough to get into the second season. New England and New York are beatable, and just as is the case with Houston, we’re wondering whether the Bills do legitimately have a chance at being the top overall seed in the NFC.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7050 at Diamond Sportsbook): 70 to 1 on the Bucs? Have the oddsmakers lost their minds? This is a team that is 4-3 right now and level with two other teams for the second Wild Card slot, and there is an opportunity for Tampa Bay to win this game this week and take a lead in the division. This schedule remaining is a bit of a mixed bag. There are easy games against Carolina (twice) and Jacksonville, and games against the Titans and Falcons on the road should salvage a split. Even if the rest of the games are lost, that’s still a minimum of 8-8. Somewhere along the way, there are going to have to be a few more wins (home against Dallas and Houston, perhaps?), and if that’s the case, there’s no telling just how far this team can go. Head Coach Raheem Morris has the Buccaneers believing again, just as they were believing last year. In 2010, Tampa Bay knocked at the door and was almost allowed in. Don’t be surprised if it breaks into the postseason this year.

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