2012 NFL Draft Prop Picks

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The 2012 NFL Draft is here! It is one of the most exciting times of the year for football fans from across the county, as it gives hope to all 32 of the teams in the league that they are about to make themselves a heck of a lot better. Check out some of the NFL Draft props for the biggest event of the NFL offseason!

All Of The NFL Draft Odds Can Be Seen Here!

Miami Dolphins Trade #8 Overall Pick (+240) – The Dolphins are a team that traditionally screw up here in the NFL Draft, and we can totally see the team botching this one up as well. The Dolphins have to be smart here. If they really want Ryan Tannehill and they know that the Browns aren’t going to take them, they can trade out of that No. 8 spot for a song and a dance and move all the way down to at least 10, right in front of Kansas City, but more likely down to at least 12, one pick before Arizona. The question is whether anyone will bite, but if you’re Miami, you would probably take even a fourth round pick to move down two spots to get the same guy that you really want to go after. Of course, trading up is still a possibility as well if the fear is there that the Browns are going to take Tannehill.

Minnesota Vikings Use #3 Overall Pick (-350) – This is more or less hedging our bet just a bit, knowing that if the Vikes end up with a trade partner for the No. 3 pick in the draft, it is going to be Miami that is doing the wheeling and dealing. That being said, we just don’t see how Minnesota can pass up on Matt Kalil with the third pick. Sure, there have been plenty of rumors going around that the Vikings are going to take Morris Claiborne, but we just don’t buy all of this. In the end, Minnesota is going to use that No. 3 pick, and it is going to use the pick to take Kalil.

Brandon Weeden Draft Position Over 36.5 (+120) – Weeden is a very interesting man to watch on the board on Thursday night. If by chance the Browns and the Dolphins end up passing on Tannehill, the wait for Weeden to get out of the Green Room could be a long one. The former Okie State quarterback is just too old to be taken as a franchise type of quarterback unless you think that you can plug him in right away and get something out of him. We don’t buy into the hype that perhaps Green Bay could be taking Weeden in the first round, as the team has just far more needs than a backup quarterback at this point. The first four picks in the second round are slated to be all teams that have quarterbacks already (assuming that Indy and Washington take Luck and RGIII with their first two picks), and barring a trade, we just don’t see at that point either Minnesota or Tampa Bay taking a quarterback either. In the end, we think that Weeden is waiting until at least No. 37 for the Cleveland Browns unless trades happen.

Donrati Poe Drafted Before Riley Reiff (+230) – We could definitely see the possibility here that Poe gets drafted before Reiff. Reiff is going to be the second offensive lineman taken in the draft in all likelihood behind Kalil, and that likely means that he is going No. 10 to the Bills, assuming that they hold pat where they are at. However, we know that the Chiefs are going to be looking to take a defensive tackle with their first round pick, and we also don’t dismiss the idea that the Bills could move up and take Kalil should the Vikings actually happen to pass on him. If that’s the case, it could be a bit of a wait for Reiff, who could reasonably slip to No. 13 to Arizona, or even further. We don’t see him getting past No. 17 though, as we think that the Bengals will draft him there if he is available. We don’t see Poe slipping that far just based on sheer talent and potential.

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