DirecTV Raises NFL Sunday Ticket Prices AGAIN in 2017

After being acquired by at&t in 2015, the exclusive provider of NFL Sunday Ticket is taking full advantage of their 12-billion dollar, 6-year contract TV contract with the NFL.  Along with raising their TV subscription costs starting in 2017, DirecTV has increased the costs of their signature NFL Sunday Ticket package for the second straight season.

Last season, NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers paid a 2016 subscription price of $258 for the privilege of watching every market’s NFL games for 17 Sundays.  The 2016 price was up roughly 2.5% from the previous year.  In 2017, the cost to customers will be increased by another 2.5%, to the new seasonal price of $282.

If you’re a Jacksonville Jaguars or Cleveland Browns fan living in out-of-town market, you may have to dig deep & really ask yourself if the rough price of $18-19/game (Sunday games only) is really worth the cost.

To make matters even more absurd, the exorbitant 2017 price tag (of $282 per season) only applies if you purchase the package prior to the start of the season.  If customers wait until after September 1, 2017 to signup, it will cost even more.

And, there’s more…..
That price (of $282) doesn’t even give you access to the Red Zone Channel or the Fantasy Football Channel.  If you want those channels included with your luxurious NFL Sunday Ticket viewing experience, you’ll need to purchase the Sunday Ticket Max package, which will set you back a total of $378 for the season.

With the Sunday Ticket Max, you’re paying $31.50 all for 17 weeks of Sunday football ($16.50/week without Sunday Ticket Max).

DirecTV’s contract with the NFL has been on-going for over 20 years.  This contract was last renewed in 2014.  It gives DirecTV the exclusive rights to all out-of-market NFL games through 2020.

In my personal opinion, the NFL has been a rather “deflated” product in recent years.  The relentless price increases on it’s loyal viewers and timeless increases commercial interruptions are sure to eventually hit them in the ratings department (if it hasn’t already).  Nothing is too big too fail.

Note: I rounded to the nearest dollar with the above seasonal prices.

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