Early 2011-12 Super Bowl Picks: Stacking Up the 2012 Superbowl Odds

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It's never too early to start looking at next season's NFL betting lines. The Superbowl XLV odds are already out just a day after the Green Bay Packers claimed glory. There are already some great lines to pick already, and today, we'll pick out the five best plays for the upcoming season.

Green Bay Packers 8 to 1 at SportBet: Why shouldn't we start right off with the team that just won the big one just recently. Think about it real quick. RB Ryan Grant and TE Jermichael Finley really didn't play at all this season, and they definitely had no impact on the playoffs whatsoever. Now all of a sudden, a team that had a fantastic defense this year looks like it is going to have an even deadlier offense… And we're talking about a team that scored 31 points in the Super Bowl and 48 points in the divisional round of the playoffs against the Atlanta Falcons. QB Aaron Rodgers isn't going to want to just settle for one ring in his career, as he wants to exceed the legacy of QB Brett Favre. We know that the Chicago Bears were a farce this year and the Minnesota Vikings aren't going to be making any noise any time in the near future, so the NFC North really should belong to the Pack this coming season. If the team could win the big one after playing three road games, imagine what type of title defense the Pack could mount playing just two home games?

Indianapolis Colts 14 to 1 at SportBet: How can we possibly forget about QB Peyton Manning and company? We know that the Colts had a rough year this year, as they knew that they were really behind the 8-Ball all campaign long. Manning looked mortal at times last season, and he really had some games that made us scratch our heads. However, he only had one player, WR Reggie Wayne in the fold for all 16 games this season offensively in terms of skill players. RB Joseph Addai should be back in the backfield, and WR Anthony Gonzalez and TE Dallas Clark should help out again in 2012. The AFC South really isn't as great as we once thought unless all of a sudden, someone comes from the depths to post a great challenge next year, and we certainly aren't ones to count out Manning and company in the postseason with home games, especially after suffering a bitter end to the campaign this year.

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San Diego Chargers 10 to 1 at SportBet: The Chargers were a statistical anomaly this year, as they ranked in the Top 5 in the league in both offense and defense. We know that that will get them back into the playoffs next year. You can bet that the drive for Head Coach Norv Turner and QB Philip Rivers is going to be amazing this year after missing the postseason this year, and you can bet that a lot of these games that were lost last year by stupidity with penalties and turnovers won't be again in 2011. The Chargers will be back atop a still weak AFC West this coming season, and that will put the Bolts in the driver's seat for a spot in the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles 20 to 1 at SportBet: The Eagles really had a coming of power this year, winning the rough and tumble NFC East and coming together with QB Michael Vick. RB LeSean McCoy had a great season to bust out as one of the best backs in the game, and we already know that WR DeSean Jackson and WR Jeremy Maclin are amongst the best in the fold in the division, the conference, and the game. There are still definitely some holes on this defense, but we know that Head Coach Andy Reid and company can get that shored up, both through the NFL Draft and just the general nature that this young unit is going to only get better and better. We have to think that there is better than a 20 to 1 chance that the Eagles are going to fly high and capture that elusive Super Bowl triumph.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40 to 1 at SportBet: The Bucs are probably not actually going to be the team that wins the Super Bowl, but this is a tremendous number for a team that really should've made the postseason last year with 10 wins. Tampa Bay is on the verge, and though we tend to believe that this is a club that is still a year or two away, we know that QB Josh Freeman is a fantastic quarterback in the making, and the rest of this 'D' is going to be getting a lot better as the games go by. Take a chance here on Tampa Bay, and know that you are going to be thrilled come the end of the season when the Bucs are in the playoffs.

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