Free NFL Picks: 2010 Week 11 Upsets

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Here at Cappers Info, we are taking a weekly look at the teams that could be ones ripe to pull off some major upsets! Check out the potentially ugly dogs that could come up and bite you in the butt in you aren't careful for NFL Week 11 for pro football betting action!

Underdog Pick #1: Oakland Raiders (+290 at Diamond Sportsbook) @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, 1:00 ET: Hmm… You would've looked like a real genius last year had you taken the Raiders on the road at Heinz Field, wouldn't you? This is just a bad matchup for Pittsburgh the week after dealing with the New England Patriots. Last week, the Steelers had to really get ready for a big time passing game with the finesse and all of that that comes with New England coming to town. Now, after getting blown away, in comes Oakland off of a bye week to bring its physical game to the Steel City. The Steelers know that they are probably going to stop the run, but QB Jason Campbell has the ability to stretch the field and some awfully quick receivers with WR Jacoby Ford and WR Darrius Heyward-Bey to capitalize on his big arm. Remember, the Pittsburgh defense just doesn't look the same without DE Aaron Smith in there. It isn't going to help that QB Ben Roethlisberger's two offensive tackles from the start of the year are out as well. Last week, the first week in which OT Max Starks was out of the lineup, the Pats were making a living in the Pittsburgh backfield. If the turnstile blocking scheme continues, Oakland is going to make life hell on Big Ben. To make matters worse, you know that the defense is going to dare Roethlisberger to throw, but the difference between this Oakland team and that of some of the other squads in the league is that the silver and black have the corners to man up on these wide receivers, especially if WR Hines Ward doesn't play. We'll certainly take our chances.

Underdog Pick #2: Houston Texans (+250 at Diamond Sportsbook) @ New York Jets, Sunday, 1:00 ET: It feels like it was just yesterday that Houston was 3-1 and the talk of the town in the AFC South. However, things have clearly fallen apart with three straight losses that have the team on the verge of total collapse. A couple factors come into play in this one. The Texans, assuming that QB Matt Schaub plays after his bursa sac injury suffered this week, has the ability to both stretch the field with WR Andre Johnson and work the inside with RB Arian Foster. Neither need to really have a ton of success, but both need to at least have some. We're worried about the New York offense, though. The Jets are going to try to run, run, and run some more at Houston, and we know that the way to really torch this 'D' is by going after its secondary. If the Texans can creep one more player into the box to try to stop the run, it might make life very uncomfortable for QB Mark Sanchez as well. Now factor in the fact that the Jets have played back to back overtime games on the road and that the Texans are really playing for their lives. Houston has never won a game against the Jets in its lives (0-4 SU, 0-4 ATS), but this might just be its lucky day in the Meadowlands.

Underdog Pick #3: Detroit Lions (+230 at Diamond Sportsbook) @ Dallas Cowboys, Sunday, 1:00 ET: Look, do you really trust the Cowboys right now? C'mon, be honest with us here. Congrats to HC Jason Garrett for locking down his first win ever as a head coach at the Meadowlands last weekend against the New York Giants. However, it's going to be a heck of a lot harder to get up for this lowly game at home against the Lions than it was to go on the road against a divisional rival. Detroit is feisty and is taking its best shot at everyone. Sure, the Lions are covering spreads but finding ways to lose outright, but this might be the ultimate panacea. No one in the NFL continues to invent more ways to lose games than the Cowboys have. We'll take our chances that the longest road losing streak in the NFL's history (25 games) can withstand the fact that the Cowboys are playing for their first home win of the campaign (0-4 SU, 0-4 ATS).

Underdog Pick #4: St. Louis Rams (+140 at Diamond Sportsbook) vs. Atlanta Falcons, Sunday, 4:05 ET: Let's do some simple math here for just one second. The Rams are 4-1 at home. The Falcons are 2-2 on the road. St. Louis has been a dreadful road team that has really fed off of its home crowd. Atlanta is a team that has used its QB Matt Ryan to his fullest at home, but he hasn't been nearly as sharp in his career away from the Georgia Dome. The Falcons haven't won a game here at the Edward Jones Dome since 1998 SU (0-5) and only have one cover in that stretch as well. In that stretch, the Rams have scored at least 28 points all five times and have averaged 35.0 points per game. Atlanta has only scored more than 16 once in those meetings and has gotten shellacked by at least 12 all five times. Does anyone need to stay after class from this history lesson?

Underdog Pick #5: Indianapolis Colts (+180 at Diamond Sportsbook) @ New England Patriots, Sunday, 4:15 ET: Everyone get off of your high horse with the Pats and wake up! Recognize that these two teams are basically on level playing fields and giving us these types of NFL odds is absurd. We talk about all of the injuries in the Indy offense, right? Quick, name us New England's running backs? That's right, the top three are all on IR. What about the struggles for the Colts at DB with Bob Sanders and Melvin Bullitt out of the lineup. Any idea who is playing those positions for the Pats? Besides, which of these two defenses have single handedly won games this year? Indy's has come up large. New England's is still rated one of the worst in the league. Wide receivers? So what if Austin Collie and Dallas Clark are out of the lineup? The only consistent man that QB Tom Brady has is WR Wes Welker. Here's the deal with the Colts: Everyone says that they are a one man team, and they're all right. QB Peyton Manning is the heart and soul of this squad. Indy is nowhere without Manning even if every single other person in the world is perfectly healthy and playing at 100%. But as long as "The Sheriff" is on the field and calling the shots, all of the players around him have the ability to become Pro Bowlers. That's precisely why the Colts are going to march into New England and take care of the Patriots to keep their lead in the AFC South.

Lou Palumbo is the founder and part owner of the Sports Handicapping Community. He's been writing and posting free picks and sports handicapping strategies on the Cappersinfo forums and website for 15 years now. He enjoys handicapping just as much as he did from the very first day he built the original Cappersinfo website.

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