Free NFL Picks: 2010 Week 4 Upsets

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Here at Cappers Info, we are taking a weekly look at the teams that could be ones ripe to pull off some major upsets! Check out the potentially ugly dogs that could come up and bite you in the butt in you aren't careful for NFL Week 4 for pro football betting action!

Underdog Pick #1: Denver Broncos (+230 at Diamond Sportsbook) @ Tennessee Titans, Sunday, 1:00 ET: One look at how well the Titans played last week and how poorly the Broncos really have been all year kind of makes us look a little crazy to back the Broncos in this one, but we have an incredibly sound logic that will probably make a ton of sense. Rather than looking at numbers, we're going to just look at the sheer matchup. The Titans are definitely a run first team. With QB Vince Young running all over the place and moving the pocket, the corners, particularly DB Champ Bailey, will be able to stick around with one just one safety, and sometimes no safeties in coverage. The front seven is incredibly quick for Denver, which can help track down RB Chris Johnson when he gets in the open field on the outside. Johnson also ran the ball a whopping 32 times last week and has to be feeling some ill effects. On the other side of the ball, the Titans don't have a fantastic pass defense even though the unit ranks in the Top 10 in the league. Tennessee has played Oakland, Pittsburgh, and the Giants, only one team of which has even a remotely competent passing game. This is an entirely different challenge this week, and it is one that we think HC Josh McDaniels can exploit. This game has "NFL upset" written all over it to us.

Underdog Pick #2: Cleveland Browns (+140 at Diamond Sportsbook) vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday 1:00 ET: The Brownies are badly looking for their first win of the season, and they are probably going to be getting some great news on Sunday. QB Jake Delhomme very well could be back under center, and he'll be leading this offense against a strong Cincinnati front seven. The Bengals are clearly the superior team in this game, but they have a history of struggling on the road. HC Eric Mangini isn't a dummy, and he knows that the key to stopping Cincinnati's offense is to make QB Carson Palmer react quickly. With an athlete like DB Joe Haden on the field, INTs can become pick sixes in a hurry. Don't be surprised if the offense finds a way to do just enough for the men in white and brown to take care of the visiting Bengals in a game which could go a long way in deciding the winner in the AFC North this year.

Underdog Pick #3: Washington Redskins (+200 at Diamond Sportsbook) @ Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, 4:15 ET: You knew this was coming, right? QB Donovan McNabb would love nothing more than to come back to the City of Brotherly Love and flip the double bird at the fans that he once spoiled to death. McNabb was always hated in the Philly media, ever since he was drafted instead of RB Ricky Williams. Now, a battle tested Redskins team will try to pull the upset of a divisional rival on the road. Everyone's on the QB Michael Vick bandwagon, but we aren't so excited yet after watching him tear through the defenses of the Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Let's watch him run around with LB Brian Orakpo chasing after him first. This is a solid, solid matchup for the visitors, and one that might very well be exploited.

Underdog Pick #4: Chicago Bears (+180 at Diamond Sportsbook) @ New York Giants, Sunday, 8:20 ET: This NFL spread is a bit of a disgrace as we're looking at it. The wrong team is clearly favored. The Titans didn't beat the G-Men last week by throwing the ball or running it. They beat them by being the more patient team and the one that capitalized on the most mistakes. The truth of the matter is that the secondary is still the weakest part of the New York defense and is the path towards knocking this team off. Enter QB Jay Cutler. Cutler has only thrown two picks this year, and though he has a miserable history of playing on SNF and MNF, it appears as though his INT problems have gone away. DE Julius Peppers should have a field day going against the Giants' relatively weak offensive line which struggled last week mightily against the Tennessee front four. Mojo is going to be catching up with the Giants here soon, and if they can't get their acts together, they're going to get their doors blown off in this NFL betting affair.

Lou Palumbo is the founder and part owner of the Sports Handicapping Community. He's been writing and posting free picks and sports handicapping strategies on the Cappersinfo forums and website for 15 years now. He enjoys handicapping just as much as he did from the very first day he built the original Cappersinfo website.

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