Free Super Bowl Picks: Five Pittsburgh Steelers to Watch

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Of all of the Pittsburgh Steelers that are going to be on the field on Super Bowl Sunday, there are five that we think are really going to stand out as the potential heroes of the game. Check out the men that we think can make the big difference against the Green Bay Packers and help you make successful Superbowl Picks!

Rashard Mendenhall: The one thing that you know about Mendenhall is that he is going to get the ball time and time again, and the Steelers are just not going to stop giving him the pigskin. He has touched the rock 371 times this year on the ground including the two postseason games, and even though he was really stuffed up against the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets for large chunks of the game, he was still able to keep going and putting together his stats. This is a man with a nose for the end zone as well, as Mendenhall has found pay dirt in 13 of the 18 Steelers games this year. Green Bay's rush defense can be had, and the former member of the Illinois Fighting Illini might be set to shine to help Pittsburgh beat the Super Bowl XLV odds.

Hines Ward: Remember when Ward was on the receiving end of one of the great trick plays in the history of the Super Bowl when he caught that long TD pass from WR Antwaan Randle El against the Seattle Seahawks six years ago? Ward is certainly a jack of all trades, as he was a quarterback in college and can certainly put the pill in the air if need be. Not only this, but he is arguably the best receiver that this team has ever had, and that's really saying something considering the names like Stallworth and Swann that are already in the Hall of Fame. All Ward does is stay consistent year in and year old, and he is one of the favorite targets of Big Ben. He could be in for another big day, maybe not on the stat sheet, but at least in terms of those impact plays that you remember in the game.

Ben Roethlisberger: Of course, someone has to be getting Ward and these other targets the football, and this is what Big Ben is going to be doing. The thing about Roethlisberger is that he has not played all that well in two previous Super Bowls, accounting for just one TD pass against three picks. However, he is the most likely man on the field to put together that moment like the QB Eli Manning to WR David Tyree catch in the Super Bowl three seasons ago. Roethlisberger will take a hit, roll out of trouble, and make something happen when need be, and when the game is on the line, Head Coach Mike Tomlin has all the confidence in the world that his signal caller will get the play in when he really needs it.

James Harrison: For as great as this Pittsburgh defense is, Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau will tell you that the unit really isn't anything without Harrison patrolling the field. He is the enforcer over the middle and the man that scares the daylights out of opposing quarterbacks. Harrison led the Steelers with 10.5 sacks this year, and he also jacked up a ton of unsuspecting receivers and running backs that crossed his path. This is the emotional leader of this defense, and Harrison is the one that is most likely to deliver the hit that you're going to remember most that can change the game. If not him than…

Troy Polamalu: … Polamalu is the man that can get the job done. We're not all that sure that the former USC Trojan really has been healthy over the course of these last few weeks, as he really hasn't looked the same in these postseason games against the Ravens and the Jets. However, there is no doubt that this is one of the best safeties, not just in the league, but that the league has ever seen, as Polamalu and his crazy hair have really redefined the safety position. With seven picks on the year, Polamalu led the team in that department, and you know that wherever the ball is, the crazy hair is going to be there with it. If Polamalu has a big, big game, there is no doubt that the Steelers are going to make for great Super Bowl XLV picks.

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