NFL Handicapping Tips for the 2010 NFL Betting Season

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The 2010 NFL betting season is fast approaching, and here at Cappers Info, we are prepping you for the year by offering up some tips about how to boost your bankrolls for one of the greatest times of year.

The first thing to remember is that there are going to be rough weeks in the NFL. The information that is available for the oddsmakers to find in this league is abundant, meaning there is really no such thing is "inside" information. As a result, the odds are going to be relatively close to the final spread in the majority of games. The key is to not lose your head over a few bad games. The oddsmakers want you to go on tilt and want to see you place amounts of money on games that is outside of your comfort zone.

That's why Sunday Night and Monday Night Football are two of the highest volume games of the entire week for any sport. So many bettors feel as though they have to come back from losses over the course of the day on Sunday and make it back on the primetime games. The same is true in the other direction. If you just had a great Sunday on the gridiron, rather than counting your winnings and celebrating your victories against the NFL odds, you might be inclined to wager on the Sunday Nighter.

That brings us to our next point. Don't ever, ever bet on the Sunday or Monday Night Football games just because they are the last games of the week and are on television by themselves. Getting in the habit of betting on games just because they are on TV is going to bury you. Yes, there are games that you might have a great feeling about that they are televised, but you can't bet on a game just because it is on the tube. Just as we discussed before, the oddsmakers know what they are doing when they create these lines in every NFL game. If you don't feel as though you have an edge on the game, don't bet on it!

Bad beats are the norm in the NFL. The number of times that a team gets pick sixed at the end of games for no reason or a team that is +8 hits the backdoor with two late scores is borderline absurd in this league. Though it feels as though those bad beats happen more often to you than they do against you, you must remember that all bad beats are created equal over the long run.

You also have to remember that all of these teams are full of professionals. Even the 0-16 Detroit Lions from two years ago found a way to cover their share of NFL betting lines that season. The mass majority of games in the NFL finish within a seven point spread.

The final bit of advice we can offer is one that goes for all sports. Be sure to shop around for your best lines. Here at Cappers Info, we have a number of premium sportsbooks and a number of sportsbook bonuses available to you at some of the world's best gambling sites. There is a huge difference between getting a team at -3 (-120) and -3.5 (+105), though you'll see lines like that at various websites on a regular basis. Having a plethora of sportsbook available to you is the key to success in the NFL. That half point might be the difference between a win and a push or a push and a loss, and you won't want to kick yourself at the end of the day when your biggest bet ends up falling just short because you didn't shop for the best number available.

Lou Palumbo is the founder and part owner of the Sports Handicapping Community. He's been writing and posting free picks and sports handicapping strategies on the Cappersinfo forums and website for 15 years now. He enjoys handicapping just as much as he did from the very first day he built the original Cappersinfo website.

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