Expert NFL Handicapping Odds: 2012 Season Win Total Picks

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We are zeroing in on the NFL betting campaign here at Cappers Info, and that means that it is time to dissect the NFL season win totals and the rest of the football betting odds for the preseason. We’ve got some teams picked out that we think are awfully favorable for their season win totals, and we have listed at the bottom of this post a full listing of all of the 2012 NFL season win totals so you can bet on them all! Don’t miss any of our 2012 NFL previews for the upcoming season!

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Buffalo Bills Under 7.5 Wins (+135 @ – Are the Bills an improved team this year? Absolutely. Picking up DE Mario Williams was a fantastic move, as it now gives them the pass rush that they were so badly missing. Still, there are two games to be played against the Patriots, and two against the Jets, and those two against the Dolphins won’t be easy either. We just don’t know if QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who really decayed over the course of the end of the season, will be able to lead a team to .500 this year, and we just don’t know if the combo of RB Fred Jackson and RB CJ Spiller will really be able to get the same type of production for a second straight season.

Cincinnati Bengals Under 8.5 Wins (-180 @ – Sorry, Cincy fans. We just don’t buy it this year. The West Coast offense is great, but it usually requires some tweaking year after year. QB Andy Dalton isn’t a hero to us, and we think that this defense has been vastly overrated for the most part. Unless WR AJ Green ends up really being a Pro Bowl caliber player this year, the offense won’t be explosive once again for the Bengals, and that will be their demise. Finishing .500 would be an accomplishment. Finishing with nine wins would be an even greater task.

Houston Texans Over 10.5 Wins ([email protected] – This one’s tough, but we have a good feeling about it. At worst, the team should go 4-2 in division, and in all likelihood, there are at least five wins here to speak of. At least two out of three should be had against the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills, and the game against the Vikings seems like a lock as well. From there, Houston really just has to play .500 football to get to 11 wins. Remember that these Texans won the AFC South last year in spite of the fact that QB Matt Schaub missed the whole last month of the year, RB Arian Foster missed the first month of the campaign, and WR Andre Johnson had two different stints on the sidelines as well. Yes, DE Mario Williams is gone. However, he only played in four games all season last year, and now, the team has yet another young pass rusher in LB Whitney Mercilus to rely on to get to the quarterback as well. If this team stays healthy, 13 wins isn’t out of the question.

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Minnesota Vikings Under 6 Wins ([email protected] – Could we end up pushing this bet at the end of the year? Sure we could. But are the Vikings really going to be a seven-win team this year? It just doesn’t seem all that likely. It is anyone’s guess as to whether or not RB Adrian Peterson is going to be ready for the start of the season, and if not, that’s a huge blow for a team that relies on running the football and running it quite a bit. There are eight games right away that have to make you cringe if you are a Minnesota fan, and those come against Green Bay, Green Bay, Detroit, Detroit, Chicago, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston. Are there two wins in those eight? Maybe. Three would really be pushing it. And then when you look at the rest of the fold, do you really see all that much else improving? The Vikings might be the lesser team in all 16 of their games this year. That’s not a good formula for winning six games.

New England Patriots Over 12 Wins (+100 @ – New England seems to win at least 12 games every single season. The team added WR Brandon Lloyd this year as well, which really should help out the explosiveness of the offense (as if it needed any more of that!), and though the defense is still raw looking, it can’t be as bad as it was last year for the most part. The AFC East hasn’t done anything to help itself this year, and the AFC South only has one real challenge in it (Houston). Give the Hoodie the benefit of the doubt to get to at least a dozen victories in 2012.

San Diego Chargers Under 9 Wins (-105 @ – We think this one is a slam dunk. The Chargers lost out on WR Vincent Jackson this year, and QB Philip Rivers simply can’t do all that much more than he has been doing over the course of the last several seasons. Head Coach Norv Turner is still a bum (to say the least), and it is a miracle that he still has a job. RB Ryan Mathews had a good campaign last year, but he’s definitely no LaDainian Tomlinson. If the team wasn’t winning with LT over the course of his last few seasons, it isn’t winning with Mathews either. The Broncos and Chiefs are both improved teams this year, and Oakland might be as well. This is a last place team in our eyes, and a third place team at best, and there aren’t going to be many third place teams that finish with 10 wins.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over 6 Wins (-120 @ – And this is the other play that we are quite high on. The Bucs just didn’t have the right mindset last season, and that was what put them on that massive downward spiral that eventually saw Raheem Morris get the boot. Now though, Head Coach Greg Schiano isn’t taking anyone’s crap, and we have already seen that in the form of TE Kellen Winslow Jr. being shipped out of town. S Mark Barron is a star in the making, and Tampa Bay also did a great job making some offseason signings in the aforementioned Jackson from San Diego and OL Carl Nicks from the Saints. This division is tough, but it isn’t impossible, and we really think that the Buccaneers are going to look a lot more like the team that won 10 games and just missed out on the postseason two years ago than the one that didn’t win a game after it went to the other side of the pond early last season.

Tennessee Titans Over 7 Wins (-150 @ – It’s just tough to picture the Titans only winning six games this year. They might have played over their heads last year, but RB Chris Johnson has to put together another 1,000 yard campaign this year if he stays healthy. There’s just no way that he turns out to be this bad over the course of yet another season. QB Jake Locker has the potential to be getting better as the years go on as well. The schedule is still littered with bad teams like the Colts (twice), Jags (twice), Vikings, Dolphins, and Bills, and if five of those games are won, we just can’t see getting fewer than two against the rest of the schedule.

Full List of Season Win Totals Courtesy of BetOnline Sportsbook

Arizona Cardinals 7 (Over +125)
Atlanta Falcons 9 (Over -165)
Baltimore Ravens 10 (Over -105)
Buffalo Bills 7.5 (Over -165)
Carolina Panthers 7.5 (Over -135)
Chicago Bears 9.5 (Over +130)
Cincinnati Bengals 8.5 (Over +150)
Cleveland Browns 5.5 (Over +120)
Dallas Cowboys 8.5 (Over -155)
Denver Broncos 8.5 (Over -165)
Detroit Lions 9.5 (Over +120)
Green Bay Packers 12 (Over +100)
Houston Texans 10.5 (Over -117)
Indianapolis Colts 5.5 (Over +180)
Jacksonville Jaguars 5.5 (Over +130)
Kansas City Chiefs 8 (Over -110)
Miami Dolphins 7.5 (Over +160)
Minnesota Vikings 6 (Over +110)
New England Patriots 12 (Over +100)
New Orleans Saints 10 (Over +130)
New York Giants 9.5 (Over +150)
New York Jets 8.5 (Over -135)
Oakland Raiders 7 (Over +105)
Philadelphia Eagles 10 (Over -150)
Pittsburgh Steelers 10 (Over -110)
San Diego Chargers 9 (Over -125)
San Francisco 49ers 10 (Over -120)
Seattle Seahawks 7 (Over -145)
St. Louis Rams 6 (Over -110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 (Over -120)
Tennessee Titans 7 (Over -150)
Washington Redskins 6.5 (Over +130)

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