NFL Football Power Rankings – Week 3 (as of 9/20)

  1. Los Angeles Rams (2-0)
    As the current favorites to win the Superbowl, there is little question the Rams look like the the most complete team in the NFL right now.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)
    If there’s one word to describe the Chiefs offense: explosive; scoring 10 touchdowns through 2 games.
  3. Minnesota Vikings (1-0-1)
    Can Dalvin Cook stay healthy (hamstring)?  Cousins has the offense clicking, but it may not look as sharp without the threat of Cook in the backfield.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-0)
    The Jaguars continue their defensive prowess, winning their 6th straight home game.  They aren’t just winning games at home, they are dominating Superbowl caliber teams.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)
    After an ugly loss at Tampa Bay, the defending Superbowl Champs barely hang on to a top 5 spot.  They can do a lot for their case with a convincing win at home vs. the Colts.  Their offense is struggling.  Help is on the way as Wentz returns soon.
  6. New England Patriots (1-1)
    Starting 1-1 is not uncommon for the Pats, neither are random ugly road losses to quality teams.  Offensive help on the way for Brady with their recent acquisition of Josh Gordon.  Lets all see if Belichick can keep him focused on football.
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0)
    Pundits in the sports media are showing a serious lack of respect for the Bucs, who have been nothing short of an offensive juggernaut.  This will only further motivate Ryan Fitzpatrick & company.
  8. Atlanta Falcons (1-1)
    After serious concerns in week one about the Falcons ability to finish drives, they cleaned up their red zone offense with a convincing win against the Panthers.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals (2-0)
    After Sunday’s week 2 action, NFL fans and writers quickly forgot how dominating the Bengals looked on Thursday night.  They did this against a very good Baltimore Ravens squad.  They’re another team being vastly under-appreciated.
  10. New Orleans Saints (1-1)
    After going 1-1 in home games vs. Tampa Bay & Cleveland, the Saints might be the most puzzling team (of all pre-season Superbowl contenders).  In Week 1, their defense looked like Swiss cheese.  In week 2, Drew Brees & Alvan Kamara were nowhere to be found.  Who Day?
  11. Green Bay Packers (1-0-1)
    Despite an ailing knee, Rodgers continues to do his thing; making an under-manned roster look like a playoff caliber team.
  12. Los Angeles Chargers (1-1)
    After getting steamrolled in week 1, the chargers took care of business against the struggling Buffalo Bills.  Their offense is scoring points and moving the ball up and down the field.  Where they go from here will be likely dependent on their defense.
  13. Denver Broncos (2-0)
    It should be an insult to the 2-0 Broncos to have them this deep.  It took two 4th quarter comebacks (and game-winning drives from Case Keenam) to get by the Seahawks and Raiders at home.  A win on the road against the Ravens will do a lot for their ranking.
  14. Miami Dolphin (2-0)
    All three Florida teams are 2-0, but Miami is getting the least amount of recognition.  3-0 is possible as they host the struggling Raiders.  Week 4 against the Pats will tell us a lot about Adam Gase’s squad.
  15. Baltimore Ravens (1-1)
    While Joe Flacco’s spreading the ball around on offense, getting all their receivers involved, The Ravens showed some serious defensive issues against the Bengals on Thursday night.  Lets see how they fare against the 2-0 Broncos after a long week.
  16. San Francisco 49ers (1-1)
    The Niners held on for an ugly win against the Lions, thanks to the current league-leading rusher, Matt Breida (yes, you read that correctly).  A brutal road test in Kansas City is sure to test Jimmy G and the 49ers.
  17. Dallas Cowboys (1-1)
    The Cowboys looked awful in week 1.  However, they bounced back and won a pivotal game against the Giants at home.  The Cowboys defense has been fairly solid, but their offense continues to look out of sync.
  18. Tennessee Titans (1-1)
    Tennesse won ugly against a below-average Texans squad.  But, they were also forced to hand the reigns to back-up Blaine Gabbart.  They still have one of the best o-lines in the NFL.  They will get tested this week in Jacksonville.
  19. Carolina Panthers (1-1)
    While Cam Newton has been more accurate through 2018, their offensive line seems to be struggling.  We’ll see how things go against a very tough Cincinnati pass-rush this week.
  20. Washington Redskins (1-1)
    Alex Smith moved the chains nicely against the Colts in week 2, but settled for field goals and they just couldn’t get their running game going.   We’ll see how they fare at home vs. the Packers.
  21. Indianapolis Colts (1-1)
    The Colts have been a second half team this year.  Their defense epitomized “bend but don’t break” last week against the Skins.  They’re going to need a big game on offense vs. the stingy Philadelphia defense.
  22. Chicago Bears (1-1)
    The Bears got a nice win on Monday night against Seattle. The Chicago defense looks great, but their offense still looks to be finding it’s groove.
  23. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1-1)
    It’s interesting how many NFL power rankings out there have Pittsburgh in the top 15.  Drama surrounds the team and their defense looks like one of the worst in the league.
  24. New York Jets (1-1)
    After a show-stopping week 1 against Detroit, Sam Darnold came back to earth against the Dolphins.
  25. Houston Texans (0-2)
    While many are still consider this team a contender, they have shown no signs of being a playoff caliber team.  If they can’t get past the Giants at home, all hope will be gone in Houston.
  26. Seattle Sehawks (0-2)
    The Legion of Boom is now the Legion of Gloom.  There is a serious lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball.  Russell Wilson is constantly running for his life on offense.
  27. Detroit Lions (0-2)
    Matt Stafford does enough to keep them in games.  But, they just can’t stop the run.  They host the Pats this week, who are coming off a loss.  Yikes!
  28. Oakland Raiders (0-2)
    The 10-year Jon Gruden experiment is off to a rocky start.  Now they travel 3,000 miles to take on the 2-0 Dolphins.
  29. New York Giants (0-2)
    Giants fans are faced with the reality that, despite having talented playmakers on offense, there are some serious core issues on both sides of the football.
  30. Cleveland Browns (0-2)
    After all that optimism in the pre-season, Browns fans had to watch their team lose two ugly games that they could’ve easily won.  How very Cleveland Browns of them.
  31. Arizona Cardinals (0-2)
    Simply put, Sam Bradford looks old and the Cardinals’ offense is bad.  Time for some Josh Rosen.
  32. Buffalo Bulls (0-2)
    It seems to be a consensus that the Bills are the worst team in the NFL.  The most interesting thing to watch on this team is the progression of rookie QB, Josh Allen.

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