Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Crashes Sean Spicer’s White House Press Briefing

Today, the New England Patriots took part in their Superbowl winning White House visit.  It wasn’t just President Donald Trump who made an appearance with the Superbowl Champion Patriots.  Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer got a surprise visit from “Gronk” during his heated White House press briefing.

While in the middle of the presser, Patriots star tight-end, Rob Gronkowski appeared in the background.   “Gronk” causally interrupted Spicer while the press secretary was answering a reporter’s questions on trade policy.

“Need some help?” said Gronkowski.  Laughter ensued from the press pool.

“I think I got this, but thank you.” Spicer smile and responded as laughter continued.

“You Sure?” said the smiling Gronk.

“Ummm. Maybe.” said Spicer.

Gronk then pointed at Spicer and smiled.

He gave Spicer a thumbs up as he exited, “I like you.”

“That was cool.” said Spicer, who then went back to discussing policy.

We can always count on Gronk to bring much-needed levity.

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