Super Bowl 46 Picks: Giants vs. Patriots Spread Pick 2/5/12

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Thirty other teams wish that they were in the spots of the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, as they are set to battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy for the second time in just four years. These two are set to battle on the NFL betting odds, and here at Cappers Info, we are handicapping the spread on the Super Bowl 46 betting lines.

Super Bowl 46 Matchup: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots
Date: Sunday, February 5th, 6:30 ET
Location: Lucas Oil Field, Indianapolis, IN
Super Bowl 46 Lines: New England -2.5
Over/Under 55
Super Bowl 46 TV Schedule: NBC

On one blush of this game, it seems easy to find plenty of ways to like the Giants. First off, it is clear that they are the team that has gotten the better of this series of late when these two teams have gotten it on. New York was able to beat the Brady Bunch on the road this year at Gillette Stadium, and four years ago, almost to the day, QB Eli Manning and company were able to beat the then 18-0 Patriots in one of the most unexpected upsets in the history of the league.

The two things that really held the Giants back this year were their running game and their pass defense. All of a sudden, those problems are starting to disappear and disappear in a hurry. RBs Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are finding ways to poke some holes in the opposing defenses that they are facing, and thanks to the tremendous pass rush of DE Jason Pierre-Paul and the rest of his mates in the New York front seven, the DBs don’t have to spend as much time covering receivers, making their play more effective.

The Giants are also clearly playing their best ball right now, just as they did when they won the Super Bowl four years ago. No one really believed that New York was the better team in that game, as it was clear that that 18-1 New England team was clearly one of the best in the history of the league in spite of the fact that it didn’t win the Super Bowl.

And it is true that we have to admit that the Giants seem like a touched team. Plays that you see like the Hail Mary into the end zone in the NFC Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field and some of the ridiculous catches that WR Victor Cruz has made do make it feel a lot like we are going to see Eli Manning to David Tyree v2.0 at some point in this one as well.

Plus, it’s not like New England is playing all that well right now. The Patriots seemed to be very lucky just to be at this point, and the team’s win over the Baltimore Ravens, no matter how lucky it was in the AFC Championship Game, was actually the first game all season long in which they beat a team that finished the year above .500.

The game plan to beat the Patriots seems simple. Pass rushers have to get in the face of Brady, linebackers and safeties need to find ways to stick on the tight ends in the center of the field and in the flats, and on the other side of the ball, the receivers have to take advantage of a weak secondary.

All that being said, that’s why so many pundits think that the Giants are pulling off the “upset” in this one. However, any time that the mass media is suggesting that one side is the proper play to make in a game like this, we immediately run in the other direction. When that side is the underdog that Joe Public seems to be backing, it is really time to head for the hills.

We’ve heard all about how little brother Eli is going to try to win his second Super Bowl in his big brother’s house, but don’t you think that Tom Brady – the Tom Brady that struggled for years against Peyton Manning – is going to want to make a statement as well? New England is a soft team, and we have been the first to admit all season long that we hate this team for just how soft it is. Soft teams don’t usually win the Super Bowl. However, this time around, we are going to back the softness that is the Patriots. We just think that the New York hype has gone too far, and there is absolutely no way that we think that New England should be anything less than 6-7 point favorites in this game. We are only making the percentage play that we think will work out in the end.

Super Bowl 46 Spread Prediction: New England Patriots -2.5

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