2013 Super Bowl Props – Superbowl 47 Prop Sheet

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Super Bowl 47 is officially here! Here at Cappers Info, we’re not just giving you information about how to bet the side and total for the game, but we’re also taking a look at some of the great Super Bowl props that are on the board. Don’t miss out on the other ways that we are going to make money on the Super Bowl, as we make our Superbowl prop picks for the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Ray Rice Rushing Attempts Over 17.5 (+115): It’s a nice percentage play here, knowing that we are getting +115 on the prop. John Harbaugh is going to want to run the heck out of the football and try to establish the ground game against a San Francisco defense that is incredibly difficult to run against. Rice carried the ball at least 18 times nine times this year in 18 games (throw out the Week 17 game against the Bengals), and that in itself is good enough for us. To make it sweeter though, Rice also had seven games with at least 18 carries since the team’s bye week in Week 8.

Frank Gore Rushing Attempts Over 19.5 (-105): Again, we’ve got a pretty good idea that Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be just like his brother, trying to establish the running game. The difference is that the Ravens have proven to be a suspect team against the rush this year, and Gore has been waiting all year long to be unleashed in a game like this one. He had 21 and 23 carries in his two playoff games this year, and he now has at least 20 carries in five of his last seven games. There’s no reason to think that he won’t get to at least 20 in this one as well.

San Francisco Uses First Timeout (-110): It can happen to anyone. The play clock is inevitably going to be running down on one of these two quarterbacks, and someone, probably in the first quarter, is going to blow a timeout. With all that there is going on in the San Francisco offense before the snap, it seems more likely that QB Colin Kaepernick is going to be the one signaling for the timeout, as opposed to QB Joe Flacco. This seems like a 50/50 prop that truthfully might be anything but.


Joe Flacco Longest Completion Under 41.5 Yards (-120): Flacco takes a lot of deep shots down the field, but this San Francisco secondary is going to have him under wraps when he tries to take those deep balls. Remember that in Flacco’s last five games of the regular season, he only had two completed passes that went beyond 42 yards. This is the toughest matchup he has had in terms of a secondary here in the second season, and quite possibly all year long.

Total First Downs Made Under 40.5 (-120): We have seen a ridiculously high scoring postseason this year, and we think that that is going to stop in this one. These two teams combined to average over 46 first downs per game here in the playoffs, but when you look back at the regular season stats, you’ll find a different tale. San Fran averaged 20.1 first downs per game. Baltimore was at just 19.6. Defensively, the Ravens conceded 20.4 first downs per game. The Niners just 17.8, best in the NFC. This one just doesn’t feel like it is exceeding 40 first downs.

Baltimore Ravens Have a Scoreless Quarter (-325): The Ravens have done a lot of scoring here in the postseason, but that has to come to a close in this one. The 49ers have a fantastic defense with the ability to do a heck of a lot of damage, and they are going to ultimately keep Baltimore scoreless in at least one quarter at least four out of five times.

No Score in First 14:30 (+708): Two Super Bowls in the last 10 years featured scoreless first quarters, and it was very rare that the first quarter featured more than one touchdown. We think that it’s worth a shot that basically the whole first quarter goes by the boards with a single point being scored. We also like no score in the first 10 minutes at +298 as well.

San Francisco Rushing Yards Under 154.5 (-110): Sure, we know that QB Colin Kaepernick is going to add to the rushing total for the team, but this is still a whole boatload of yards for a team to account for. The Ravens averaged allowing just 122.8 yards per game this year. That was bad as it is, ranking 20th in the league. Remember that the Niners picked up fewer than 150 rushing yards as a team in three of their last four games.

Total Rushing Yards Under 255.5 (-115): Even better. The 49ers are overrated on the ground. They also have an out of this world rush defense that isn’t going to be obliterated by RB Ray Rice and the gang. This is a great prop in our eyes. Under 729.5 total yards Is a great play, too.


Colin Kaepernick Under 43.5 Rushing Yards (+140): The Ravens have spent the past two weeks trying to figure out how to keep Kaepernick in the pocket and make him a pocket passer. Forget about that huge game against the Packers; that was an insane statistical anomaly. Instead, look at the two carries for 21 yards that he had against the Falcons in the NFC Championship Game. A much, much better representation of what we might see on Super Bowl Sunday.

Vernon Davis Longest Reception Under 20.5 Yards/No Reception (-110): Davis was a big part of the passing game two weeks ago versus Green Bay, but he only had seven receptions in his previous seven games prior to that. We have to think that there is a chance that he is going to have no catches in this game, and that being said, it’s going to be tough to get one beyond 20 yards regardless of that fact.

Michael Crabtree Scores a Touchdown (+100): Crabtree has didn’t score in the NFC Championship Game, but he did find the end zone twice in three of his previous four games. We have to think that there is at least a 50/50 chance that he is going to score in this one as well, as he has a great rapport with Kaepernick.

Vernon Davis Doesn’t Score a TD (-195): Davis had just one touchdown grab with Kaepernick calling the shots until the NFC Championship Game. There’s no way that he is scoring in more than one out of three games in a spot like this.

Ray Rice Pass Receptions Over Vernon Davis (+105): Again, how many receptions could Davis possibly have in this game? Three or four at the absolute most? Rice is the constant in the passing game for Baltimore, and he did catch 61 passes in the regular season and another four here in the playoffs. If Rice gets to three, we like our chances of winning this prop at least half the time and not losing it more than half of the time.

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