Sportsbook Deposit Options

A lot of players are out there looking for sportsbooks that take credit cards such as visa and mastercard. With many major credit card companies outlawing offshore gaming transactions, it’s becoming a struggle for some players to exchange funds to offshore betting sites. We would like to remind you, the player, some of the ways to transfer these funds and make credit card & non credit card deposits at sportsbooks. We at CappersInfo would a like to mention a few sportsbook deposit options. We do promote some books that do take CC’s.

These books accept credit cards: Try these two books for credit card deposits first; JustBet (100% Match Play Bonus Using This Link) and Diamond Sportsbook & But, make sure that you signup online. After you register online and call to make your deposit. We would like to mention one of our endorsed sportsbooks that takes credit cards 95% of the time. JustBet has been accepting credit cards at a very high rate. Here is what you have to do. Signup at JustBet then after you signup, call to make a deposit and they will be able to process your credit card deposit. If this doesn’t work, you should do the same process at Diamond Sportsbook. They are reporting that they are accepting credit cards at a 90% rate.

Bodog Sportsbook has been working round the clock to fix debit card capture rates so more debit card deposits from players go through. You can check them out at You are pretty much guaranteed to be able to get your debit card accepted at Bodog, either by using direct debit card deposit or using one of their third party services.

Bodog Sportsbook will also let you deposit from your checking account without any waiting time. You just enter your checking account number instead of your credit card number, press deposit, and your are ready to bet. You will also get a 10% bonus on every deposit you make at Bodog.

Western Union: The fastest way to send money worldwide. A lot of you think that western union is a hassle and their transfer fees are outrageous. Oversees rates for western union really aren’t a whole lot. For example: You would pay a service fee of $20 for sending $300 from new york to Bodog Sportsbook in Costa Rica. With a free 10% signup bonus (by mentioning from Bodog, they pay for your western union fee and some extra money for your sports investing. Check out WesternUnion and use their fee calculator for more rates.

Firepay, Click2Pay, & EwalletExpress; These are new and great deposit options. The process is just like the old Neteller!! The only difference with these places is that some of them only allow you to use certain types of credit cards. Check with the books above to use these deposit options.

On Demand Funds: You can send money via credit card to an On Demand Funds account. You can transfer funds from your ODF account directly to your On Demand Funds ATM card. You can then use the card to withdraw cash from any ATM on the Cirrus or Maestro network, or make purchases from any merchant who supports direct debit through these networks.

As you can all see, there a many different ways of making your sportsbook deposit other then simply using a credit card. All of the above methods of sending and receiving money are 100% tested and are 100% safe.

Good luck players!

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