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Wecome to the CappersInfo Free Picks Sports Dictionary! This dictionary was created for the new sports bettor who is unfamiliar with some of the terms in the sports betting industry. Listed below in this sports dictionary are some of the common terms in the industry and their definition. Enjoy!

AGENT-Person that sends players to books for commission
AWOL-Person that skips town on their book without paying
BACK DOOR COVER-A team comes back in the end to cover the spread
BAD BEAT-Sure winner turned to a loser
BANKROLL or BR-Your gambling money
BEARD-Person making wager for a wiseguy
BEEF-A dispute over the outcome of a bet
BOOKIE-Person who takes bets or "action"
BONUS-Addition to your deposit. Usually 10%-20%
BUCK-$100 wager
CHALK-Favored team
CHALK PLAYER-Bettor who almost always plays favorites
CIRCLED GAME-A game in which limits may be limited due to an injury, uncertainty of a player's status, or inclement weather
CLONE JOINT-A book that copies others lines
COVER-Beating the spread
DAILY DOUBLE-Horse/Dog racing wager in which you must pick the winner in consecutive races
DEGENERATE-Compulsive gambler
DIMELINE-10c separating the fav from the dog. Much better value than a 20c line! DOG-Team getting points or getting + odds
EVEN MONEY-No odds or vig
EXACTA-Horse/Dog racing wager in which you must select 1st and 2nd place in exact order
EXOTIC WAGER-Usually refers to a proposition wager
FORM-A tabloid used for horse racing
FORUM-Place where gamblers congregate to discuss the upcoming games
FUTURES-Wager in which your gambling on the result of a team relative to season wins, standings, playoff finish etc
GAMBLING-Wagering money with the intention of profiting more money.
GETTING DOWN-Placing a wager or bet
HANDICAPPER-Person who analyzes games and predicts outcomes on sporting events
HANDLE-Total amount of money wagered
HEDGING-The placing of a bet on the other side in order to cut losses or guarantee profit on a wager
HOOK-1/2 point
JUICE-Book commission
LAYING POINTS-Playing the favorite
LAYOFF-Money bet by a house with another bookmaker to reduce its liability
LIMIT-Maximum amount of money accepted for one wager
LINE-Odds or spread on a game
LISTED PITCHER-You do this when you want guaranteed action on a game. If the listed pitcher does not start your game is no action. Conversley, if you list a game as action you get whatever pitchers start
LINEMAKER-The person or group that establishes the line, spread, or odds
LOCK-Guaranteed winner
MATADOR-A cover that occurs in the waning moments of a game (also referred to as a back door cover)
MIDDLER-Gambler that takes both sides of a game hoping for result to land in middle
MUSH-A better who is bad luck
ODDSMAKER-The person or group that establishes the line, spread, or odds
OTB or OFF THE BOARD-A game the book is not currently accepting action on. OTB is usually due to the uncertainty of the status of a player or inclement weather
OVERLAY-A situation in which the odds on a game favor the bettors rather than the house
PARLAY-A wager in which you get enhanced odds however all games in your "parlay" must win or your ticket is void
PAST POST-To place a wager after an event has started
PICKEM-Wager in which the pointspread is zero
PLACE-Horse/Dog racing wager in which your selection must come in 1st or 2nd place in order to cash
POINTSPREAD-The betting line
PRICE-Odds or spread
REDUCED VIG-A wager in which your laying less than the standard -110
PUSH-Tie on wager
QUINELLA-Horse/Dog racing wager in which your two selections must come in 1st and 2nd place
ROUND ROBIN-A single ticket comprised of more than one parlay. Same as "boxing" in horse racing.
SCALPER-Gambler making a play on low odds favorite then finding higher odds underdog on same game resulting in no risk wagering
SERVICE-Handicapper(s) that sells opinions, analysis, and picks
SHARP-Astute bettor
SIDE-Picking a team to win (non total wager)
SHOW-Horse/Dog racing wager in which your selection must come in at least 3rd place in order to receive payout
SQUARE-Player that is always on favorites and overs. Also known as a gambling fool.
STEAM-Large amount of money being wagered on one side usually from a wiseguy
STRAIGHT BET-One wager (opposed to a parlay)
SUCKER BET-Parlays, teasers or exotics (anything bookmakers use to entice squares to bet more)
TAKING A PRICE-Betting an underdog
TEASER-Multi game card in which you can move the spread X amount of points (points and odds vary)
TOUT-Handicapper that sells opinions, analysis, and picks
TOTAL-Wager on the over/under in a game
TRIFECTA-Horse/Dog racing wager in which your three selections must come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively
UNDERLAY-A situation in which the odds on a game favor the house rather than bettors
VIGORISH-Amount of commission kept by the house (also referred to as juice or vig)
WIN-Horse/Dog racing wager in which your selection must win in order to cash on your selection
WISEGUY-The "steam" creator; sharp bettor; gambling pro.




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